Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Other Woman in Michael Schiavo's Life

For those of you unfamiliar with what I'm referring to, let me take a moment to explain. You've heard of the Terry Shindler-Schiavo case by now, or you've been hiding under a rock. What some people don't know is that Michael (her husband) took on a mistress that he's been living with for years. He has two young children with her.

OK, I just read a very patronizing little article in the St. Petersburg Times today. The author goes out of her way to tell us that Michael Schiavo's mistress (Jodi Centonze) is sweet and gentle, nurturing and supportive. Why, she's even helped with Terry! She's even washed her clothes! In fact, the author implies, Jodi deserves sainthood, or a medal at least. She also tells us that Terry's parents encouraged Michael to date, and seems to ask us (indirectly) how can this be wrong?

Uh uh, sister. I'm not buying it. No matter how sugarcoated it is, the fact remains that it's not a good arrangement. It's not healthy for anyone involved. For crying out loud, how could it be? Further in the article, the author points out that Jodi is willing to be 'the other woman' and that she understands that Michael only has one wife and she's content with that. (Well, I bet after that one wife is good and dead, Michael will change his mind.)

But what I really have to ask is, what kind of a wimp would be willing to be second best? I mean, is there anyone out there buying this (besides the author of the story)? Let's face it, it's another try at spin control. Michael's looking like the bad guy. Let's do a Human Interest Story on him via a sympathetic pass at his mistress. Nope, I can read between the lines. Jodi is just another victim.

I have always felt Michael was an unsavory character. Remember the board certified psychologist that recently came out? She said she's carefully analyzed him and felt that he had the same profile as Scott Peterson and other sociopathic personalities. And she's not the only one. Lots of people think he's gotta be a pretty creepy guy to want so desperately to kill Terry, and many people (including Terry's nurses) have stepped forward to say that he's been chomping at the bit to 'Kill the B*tch' (as he's supposed to have said). Terry's parents don't have enough money to buy all this testimony. So we have to ask ourselves, why would these people be coming out and saying these things? What is their possible motivation, if it isn't the truth?

If we'd stop trying so hard to justify what he's doing, and have a serious look at him, I'm betting that none of us would want him marrying our daughters. Or living with them.

Ok, you say, but what does that have to do with us? It doesn't affect ME.

Ah, but it does affect you. You should heartily resent any attempts to manipulate you into seeing something other than the truth. You should detest people who try to obscure the truth by attempting to excuse away bad behavior. You should be furious that there is someone out there, trying to make sure that you can't see the forest for the trees.

Because that's exactly what this is, folks. This is a concerted attempt at manipulation.

Let's look at what's going on, assuming we know nothing, and stop hearing what Terry might have wanted, or might not have wanted. Let's stop focusing on the personalities and their motivations. Let's be cool, analytical, and logical. It all boils down to this: If there isn't a living will, is it OK for a husband to starve his wife to death if she's mentally handicapped? I know what my answer is.