Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy(?) Halloween

I used to love Halloween when I was a little girl...back when it was full of innocence and free candy and silly costumes. There was nothing truly scary then. But now children are exposed to billboards for various Halloween attractions with blood-soaked mutant monstrosities, neighbors' decorations have become sinister or even threatening (we periodically hear of a white supremacist who has a black dummy hanging from a tree somewhere). 

As an adult I love scary movies but I always worry for the young who are exposed to such sights. Our world is becoming increasingly violent, and I believe that it is, in part, due to how jaded we all are to such displays.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Anyone Who Works With Kids Needs a Raise

Usually when a kid fills out a card saying they're interested in modeling, they get super excited when they're contacted by me. But sometimes you run into the one who will probably grow up to become the next serial killer, bank robber, or Lady Gaga. Incidentally, she is only 14 years old.

So can I hear some sympathy for the teachers who have to work with this little monster every day? They need a raise, and from the sound of it, her parents can cough up a big Christmas bonus for them this year.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kobe Bryant is an Idiot and so is Lamar Odom

So Kobe is upset that people are being critical about Lamar Odom's choice to hang out in a brothel and snort a mix of illegal drugs and powdered Viagra. We're suppose to ‪#‎JustPray‬
 according to Kobe. Oh so NOW Odom needs a bit of God in his life, huh? At least he's right about THAT. But I'm sorry, no free passes for scumballs.