Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Eye Surgery

I went through another eye surgery on Thursday of last week. My eyesight is improving slowly. Hopefully I'll be back to blogging by the end of the week. Thanks for your continued patience!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Eyesight

Due to botched Lasik surgery (thanks to Lasik Plus), my eyesight continues to be such a problem that my life remains on hold.

I am having trouble functioning in everyday life. One eye can't really see at all, the other one varies and any reading or looking at something in my hands must be done with reading glasses.

I will know more on Thursday, but due to this, my blog continues to be on hiatus. I truly apologize.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kids Stuff I Hate

OK, my eyes are no better and I'm getting really FRUSTRATED. I mean, I'm typing with READING GLASSES like a GRANDMA for heaven's sake!!! And even then, only one eye CAN SEE!!!

OK, enough about my eyes and overuse of (exclamation points!!!) and WILD CAPITALIZATION.


Today I go to the mall with my best bud, Pov Moo, who works nights and has the luxury of wandering fruitlessly on shopping expeditions with me.

We walk into the mall and I see this sign, and I have to say it says it all:

Yup. The Kidgits Club: Where kids are idgits. With a "K".

And speaking of idgits, who came up with THIS bright Happy Meal toy?

This is to promote the new Star Trek movie: The First Generation for the Next-to-Last Time (Sequel To Be Announced).

What's really odd here is that this comes from a mold, no details added except for a button on top that when you press it, a voice erupts from the inside that says something rather garbled. Over and over again.

Well, the voice only repeats when kids press the button repeatedly or you accidentally set your wallet on it. Anyway, after repeated plays, I think it says "A Parching Topsoil."

This leads me to believe it's another environmentally correct movie targeted at kids. Either that, or they need a new toy manufacturer.

Finally, who thought up THIS?

Note the fat, dumb looking fairy hovering around in the left hand corner. Yeah, I know that the majority of America is now ranging from fat to obese. I guess Disney wants to go for its target market.

But I'm just hoping they don't subject us to a new interpretation of Prince Charming. I'm happy with my old fantasies, thank you.