Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Can Beat Any Mother-in-Law Tale

OK, yes. I admit it: My mother-in-law is right. How did she EVER guess that my whole wedding was an elaborate set-up to pacify my "husband" but we're not really married? I am in awe of her sheer genius and uncanny ability to see right through me. It gives me the chills.

I had to hire a lot of actors, but it was worth it. Bwahahaha! Of course it got rather expensive, and I still owe my friend Rene big bucks for playing the part of "Maid of Honor". That kind of talent doesn't come cheaply!

But my mother-in-law hasn't figured THIS out yet: I'm really a space alien with plans to dominate the earth. Viva la Revolution! BOW before ME, people of the earth! I will grind you all beneath the heel of my Antonio Melani boot.

(You're my paid friends and/or pretend family members. I'm counting on you to keep this a secret]