Monday, March 14, 2011

Avoid the Belcher Animal Clinic

I call Largo Feed (they have a vet that comes once a month) and it's $120 to vaccinate all three dogs.
So I call my regular vet's (the Belcher Animal Clinic in Clearwater, FL) and ask them how much they'd charge for the three dogs to get their yearly exam and shots. I very specifically mention that the Largo Feed vet is charging only $120. The receptionist leaves to consult someone, then comes back on the phone and tells me they'll do it for $140.  So, I figure what the heck? I'll go to the Belcher Animal Clinic for the convenience of it: What's $20 more?
They charged me $140 each.
When I tried arguing with the office manager, she very coolly told me that I must have misunderstood what had been said to me. I didn't misunderstand, and I was fool enough to pay for their mistake. I should have refused to pay.