Monday, October 21, 2013

High School Reunion

At a recent high school reunion, I made eye-contact with an attractive woman as I was winding my way through the crowd. At these events it is mandatory to say something once eye contact is made. She looked expectant.

ME: "Um, hi! You look familiar. I'm sorry I don't recognize your name. I was from a different graduating class and I'm here with Sue." (Who, incidentally, knows EVERYbody and should work for the Census Department).

WOMAN: (vaguely) "Oh?" (forces smile)

WOMAN'S HUSBAND: "It only makes sense you didn't recognize her. She was always busy sitting in the corner playing kissy-face with all the guys."

There are times that working as a spin doctor for several politicians has paid off. I was able to say something diplomatic while backing away. Looking back on it, it would probably have been more entertaining if I started attempting to point them all out.