Monday, November 24, 2008

George Bush Can't Leave Fast Enough

Although I don't approve of Barack Obama, I am still excited at the prospect of fresh blood in the White House. He has proven himself to be smart enough to surround himself with seasoned Clintonistas, even though his appointments nullify his "Change" mantra.

Of course I would have preferred someone more moderate, but at this point it is tempting to hope that anything is better than our current nothing, George Bush. And therefore I hope, and have been praying, for Barack Obama now that he has been elected.

In the news today, Bush is overseas to potentially wreak a little more havoc before he's forced to vacate on January 20th. After that, who knows? Is he currently lining up his next gig, and if so, who wants him and why?

And what are his last minute plans? Wouldn't it be interesting to be a fly on the wall of the Oval Office as he puts together his list of final Presidential Pardons? Who will be included on that list?

Looking over Bush's myriad scandals, I believe that he will cull out of that group the following people for pardons:

1. John T. Korsmo
2. Scooter Libby *
3. Alberto Gonzales
4. Janet Rehnquist
5. Joseph Schmitz
6. Lurita Doan
7. Alfonso Jackson
8. Karl Rove
9. Richard Armitage
10. And finally, Dick Cheney is a possibility.

Let it be noted that there are times a Presidential Pardon is issued because the President realizes that further scandals and prosecution may be on the way, and I feel that these people have the potential for that even if they're not currently convicted or under investigation.

I'm sure that there will be a number of people added to this, and although I haven't included anyone attached to the Abramoff scandal, it's quite possible that those who were involved in it (which numbered at least 5-10 high ranking officials) may be included in the pardons as well. The only reason I feel that Bush may hesitate here is that issuing a pardon tends to indicate a President sanctions the behavior. Therefore, Bush will probably be advised to pardon only those who were acting in his best interest alone.

What is of great concern is the fact that Bush, who is notoriously war-happy, may decide to bomb Iran last minute, or participate in some other form of militaristic chest beating. This isn't to say that Iran doesn't richly deserve it. However, it would be a futile exercise this late in the game.

Bush currently has very few supporters left, and even the largely gullible religious right has come to realize that his claim to be a Christian was simply an attempt to pander to them. His current approval ratings hover around 28% or less.

If Bush wants to ensure any positive positioning in the history books whatsoever, he needs to exit on tiptoes.

*Yes, Bush already gave Libby a partial pardon. Many suspect it was only partial because Bush and Cheney felt a strong need to distance themselves from the man who was merely doing their bidding. But out of loyalty, Bush may now fully pardon him.


Ed Abbey said...

Don't forget the two turkeys that he will pardon this Thanksgiving.

I have been wondering why Israel hasn't bombed Iran yet since I'm sure they are far ahead of us on the list of targets once a bomb has been made?

I'm just dying for Jan 20th to get here just so I can put this goofball in the past and forget about him. But I'm also not looking forward to the bailout of the auto industry and countless others that Obama has promised to give as soon as he gets into office. I just keep telling myself that Obama will have to work pretty hard to outspend the current occupant.

Ellen said...

The only one name I didn't notice on the list is George Bush himself.... but then can an acting President actually pardon himself? Or does he get a free ride for all the constitution slashing he enacted? Seems to me that it's going to take a lot of unraveling to rid ourselves of the
Bush Doctrine.

As for the link to the list, great reading. We wonder why our country has been flushed down the toilet so effectively? These characters not only fill in a lot of the blanks, but connect the dots as to how poorly the current administration has performed.

What's that saying... oh yeah, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Proof is in the pudding on this one.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Look for some blanket pardons. Kind of like how Carter (I think it was Carter) pardoned all Vietnam draft dodgers. There have been other blanket pardons in the past - I just cant think of any off hand - but they are rare. Normally pardons are granted to individuals by name.

A blanket pardon would allow Bush to pardon himself (for whatever), without naming himself.

It would also end any future investigations. Unless there can be investigations into why a pardon was granted in the first place.

Either way, when an outgoing President pardons his entire cabinet (well not his entire cabinet just most of it) it will be a fairly good indicator that everything suspected of having taken place actually did take place.

As for what happens after Jan 20 - who knows. I do not see the current trend of bailouts ending. Hell just today there was one more bank on the list. The current plan was invented by the current (Bush appointed) treasury.

What is done is done. The $700 billion was already approved. It will not be un-approved. It will get spent. It may even be increased.

I do think auto companies will get the loans they are asking for. If for nothing else - to keep jobs.

And why is it OK to bail out bank after bank - but such hostility to the auto industry? Could it be hostility to the labor unions - which are not really in the banks?

By the way - ports in California are backed up with imported cars that are not selling. So it is not just Detroit.....

Saur♥Kraut said...

Ed, At least the turkeys are deserving of it. ;o) You know, I've been interested in how quiet Israel's been. If I were in Iran, I'd be building bomb shelters and stocking supplies. Israel's a much more worrisome opponent than we currently are.

I surely hope that Obama will abstain from unnecessary bail-outs. I understand the reasoning behind them, but it's just throwing good money after bad.

Ellen, Good question. It seems to be that Bush could grant himself a pardon. To read more, go here. He would be wise to do so.

The Bush Doctrine, though unwise, is not un-Constitutional. The Patriot Act is very much contrary to our Constitution, however.

There is no doubt that Rush and Cheney surrounded themselves with more crooks and scoundrels than Nixon ever did. They gave neocons a bad name, deservedly so. As you say, "Absolute power..."

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lazy, good points, all. I do think that labor unions are often mistakenly made the Bad Guy when they're formed to counter the Les Majeste of Big Business.

Very interesting thought about blanket pardons. It will be interesting to see if this is the route he takes.

As for the bailouts, I hate them all. I understand (as I said to Ed) but I think it's misplaced altruism.

daveawayfromhome said...

"surround himself with seasoned Clintonistas, even though his appointments nullify his 'Change' mantra."

I dont recall any specific pledge to change from any Washington standard, I always understood it to be change form the Republican way of doing things, which is why McCain's campaign of change was so ludicrous. Since the economy did pretty well under Clinton, especially compared to the Bush years (I and II), it doesnt seem unreasonable to draw from those years for talent.

Uncle Joe said...

I think Bush and Cheney should as their final act, nuke Cuba.
Get them out of the way once and for all.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Uncle Joe, ;o) Pretty funny. It's OK by me as long as the radiation doesn't backwash its way back to here in Florida.

Dave, Ah - I'd always assumed his 'change' theme to be anti-Washington establishment, and I think that most people would agree with that interpretation. But there's no doubt that the Clintonistas would probably be a better bet than some greenhorn. To a certain extent.

Of course I guess Obama is green enough for everyone, and they'll provide a counterbalance (hopefully).

Scott said...

As a Canadian I have never understood the whole Presidential Pardon deal. I think that it is a pretty ridiculous notion. It would seem to make more sense that the President have the power to have a conviction reviewed by the judiciary or something of that nature but to Pardon someone because they did you favours is nuts.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I think Scooter Libby pretty much deserves a pardon. His conviction was one of the most convoluted in history. He was like the guy who was arrested for robbing a bank who claimed he couldn't have robbed it he was in a restaurant down town. After the cops found the real robbers and convicted them, they sent the first guy to jail because he wasn't in a restaurant he was at a movie.

As far as the rest of it is concerned history will be the judge. I am a real fan of Harry Truman. I think he was a great president even though his predecessor took great step to make that difficult. I was just reading (actually re-reading) his autobiography and it is amazing how similar his last year as president was to Bush's last year as president.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

No one will shake his hand...

M@ said...

For the administration's own legal reasons, they must remain in power and, as you said, they'll pardon as many people as they can before leaving office.

You're right, though. Bush should step down immediately. We are in Trouble.

Saur♥Kraut said...

M@, Yes.

Daniel, pitiful, isn't it?! Watching it really gives me the horrors.

3 Score & 10, I agree - Scooter was the scapegoat. Interesting about Harry Truman - what's the name of the autobiography you're reading and who's it by?

Scott, I agree, it's weird. No one should be above the law, IMHO.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Its by Harry Truman. Most autobiographies are like that. I took it up to my son so that he could read it, and my seventy plus brain won't give me the title right now. (My copy is autographed by Harry Truman) I will send you the name when my brain goes into gear again.

Uncle Joe said...

I looked at the video.
it's apparent that Bush is snubbing them.
just my opinion.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Uncle Joe: it is clear that you are as partizan as it gets, I love how you seem to try and make two wrongs a right, ie: make out Bush is snubbing them (which would be a foolish thing to do wouldn't it? As foolish as politicians snubbing him rather than engaging in statesmen like debate).

Sore loser methinks.

In reality, it is neither, as Bush had already met everyone before hand for a seperate meeting with regards to his departure from power and had already said hi and shook hands.

Uncle Joe said...

I am not a Bush fan.
I want him out.
He's never been able to hide his body language too well.
I was just saying it looked to me that he appeared to be snubbing them.
Foolish or not.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Everyone, re: The Bush Video:

CNN issued a retraction. It turned out that Bush had already met with and shaken the hands of those guys, and no one expected otherwise.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

The man is still not liked.

Which is understandable really.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Daniel, Very true. I doubt he'll be invited to any State soirees after he leaves office. ;o)