Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Weather

It's a nice balmy 70+ degrees here in the Tampa Bay area. It looks as if this may be what we will be able to expect for Super Bowl this Sunday.

Today I have been puttering about outside, gardening. I'm on my way outdoors again to enjoy this weather. This is the enjoyable aspect of climate change. The drought, which has been going on for years, is another facet and one that is more worrisome.

I'm glad that we have the option of using reclaimed water here. I've put in a massive vegetable garden (with the help of my friend, Pov), and am making other alterations. Thankfully I can use the reclaimed water for this marvellous garden, but what would happen if I couldn't? We may have such a problem in the future that even reclaimed water will be regulated.

Because Florida's politicians and Big Business have been so terribly greedy, there's actually a glut of housing now. Some experts say that it will be about three years before there is a demand for any new housing.

This is good, as we're desperately overcrowded and stealing water from our northern neighbors, as it is.

Let's just hope that climate change can be slowed or reversed, before it's too late. In the meantime, I am happy for reclaimed water.


Anonymous said...

We have reclaimed water here too, glad we have water but not a huge fan of the reclaimed water, it tastes funny and is very rough on the hair. :-) The drought has been so bad, our lakes are crazy low right now.


Fred said...

Good thing we have the desal plant, too.

Uncle Joe said...

Google Muskogee Co.Oklahoma Ice storm and you see some fine weather.


M@ said...

In England, they potter about.

Here in AMERICA, we putter around.

QUASAR9 said...

Alas choices, choices
Nice to hear you have a vegetable garden, and are reclaiming water

I do a bit of a vegetable plot in the remaining allotments here in Cambridge too.
Maybe you could fly over and give me a gew tips