Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dancing With the Harlots

I've written about sleezy kids' dance recitals before. It incensed me then, and still does. Interestingly, the parents at the studio that I wrote about must have thrown a complete fit, because I was dragged unwillingly to this year's dance recital and it was actually in good taste!

But this tendency toward making kids into adorable hooker look-a-likes continues.

The mothers are often the first to defend this poor choice because (obviously) it makes them look very, very bad. Also, they may be re-living their childhoods through their children - we've all seen the desperate mom who obsessively thrusts her kids into anything that she wanted to do when she was young.

But... what's the school's excuse?

One thing's for sure - a child molester can get a floor show cheap these days.


Ed said...

Funny how the parent's defend the "gyrations" while the others react to the clothes. As a father of a young girl, I don't think I would have a problem with her doing the dance routine but I would have a problem with the outfit. Girls especially already have enough body image baggage to carry these days.

Kathleen said...

Where's the pole? I heard that these are 8 & 9 year olds. They are good dancers, but a real shame that the adults are so irresponsible. This is nothing but sexually explicit moves and atire on children. VERY CREEPY! I wonder how many hits this video has from pedophiles. Shameful.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Ed, I agree that the combo is really nasty. But I'd argue that the moves are still highly suggestive and inappropriate for a child to make. There are many other dance moves - their repertoire is hardly limited.

Kathleen, 100% agreement!

Ed said...

Had there been boob fondling, crotch grabbing, exposure of crotch area to the crowd similar to what a pole dancer might do, I would agree that their dancing was suggestive. However, if you were to cloth them entirely head to toe in something more appropriate for age and maturity, I see a dance that is merely modern dance that you see in just about every female pop/rock music video. I would give you a little suggestive in places but not highly suggestive. I think what makes it highly suggestive is not their moves but their attire.

Would you call this video by the Dynamic Dance Company just as sleezy despite the lack of bared midriffs?

Or how about this video that features both boys and girls dressed head to toe this time doing essentially the same moves as those girls?

If after viewing those two videos you still have the same opinion, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that issue.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Ed. the fundamental difference between the kiddie dance and the two videos is/was that the dancers in the two video are college age (the first might have been high school, but I couldn't find that in the background. Another obvious difference is that the only obviously sexual act (as differentiated by the normal steps of modern dance or step dancing) was the point where the one female dancer jumped "astraddle" of the single male dancer in the group for several twirls. Nothing in either that you wouldn't see in "Dancing with the Stars" (Though I'd be a bit iffy about nine year olds doing some of the moves from "Dancing with the Stars")

Uncle Joe said...

i'm too late.
the video is gone.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen- I bet the pedophiles loved this! I agree, those girls shouldn't have been wearing such provacative outfits or doing such sexually explicit moves. It was totally creepy that the parents would think it was ok to let their daughters dance half naked, shake their butts and other stuff.