Friday, January 25, 2013

Lucy Stoner

I'm a member of The Lucy Stone League (Lucy Stone was the woman who kept her name when she was married in the early 1900s). Most of the women are genuine, thoughtful, and sane, but then you get the occasional weirdo like this one:

"I threw out the whole tradition and went to the JP court. Gave my mom 24 hrs notice to be there, surprised my kids by having someone else bring them to the ceremony, surprised 2 of his by not getting a message to them until afterwards. Told him I wasn't changing my name when the clerk was issuing us the license. Oh, and I asked him and 4 days later we were married. Surprisingly, the clerk that married us skipped the obey part without having to be told. I guess she could just tell..."

HOW ROMANTIC. I hesitate to ask her why she bothered to get married in the first place - it sounds more like a harried business transaction.