Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life Insurance

I went to an engagement party recently and the "victim" had no idea what was coming her way. The groom had set it all up by throwing a birthday party for himself and asking us all to bring a wrapped present ("It doesn't matter if it comes from the Dollar Store: Just wrap it so I don't have only one gift to unwrap, OK guys?").

So the end of the night came, we had been driven into their living room by the rain, and he started opening his presents. One had an "I'm a Princess" badge, which he proudly stuck on his tee-shirt as he started to open THE gift. Like Russian nesting dolls, he went through at least 6 brightly colored boxes til he got to the final box on the inside: A tiny jewelry box. He opened it.

"Well look at THIS, honey," he exclaimed. She stood to get a better look and he immediately dropped to his knee and proposed. She bawled, we laughed, and it was hysterical.

On my way out, I hugged her and told her how happy I was for her. Wiping away a tear, she smiled and said "Well, THIS will keep him alive for one more year."