Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Caylee Anthony

By now, I'm betting that everyone's heard of Caylee Anthony's disappearance and her mother's (Casey Anthony) arrest here in Orlando, Florida. However, if you don't know the details, let me sum them up quickly. (If you want a detailed investigation into the case so far, I recommend that you go here).

Casey Anthony was apparently over-indulged and pampered by two very gullible parents. As a result, she led a very self-absorbed lifestyle which included promiscuity that would make Paris Hilton blush, alcohol and drugs (and lots of them), lying, and stealing, among other things. In other words, Casey has the typical sociopathic profile.

Casey's three-year-old daughter, Caylee, got in the way of her chosen lifestyle. As a result, Casey finally decided that motherhood wasn't for her, and she killed Caylee to take care of the problem.

A month after Caylee's disappearance, Casey's mother (Cindy) suddenly realized she hadn't seen her grandchild in a while. She panicked and called the police. During the ensuing investigation, the police were lied to so much by Casey that it almost seemed that she was lying for the simple joy of it. Which is why it is no suprise to hear that Casey's career goal in life was to become a politician.

Just kidding. Casey is even slimier than most politicians. Note that I said most.

Obviously this made the police very suspicious. So, they did some investigating and found rotting corpse fumes and decomposing hair in Casey's trunk.

Although Cindy Anthony had originally called the police to report Caylee's disappearance, and had said hysterically that there was a horrible smell in Casey's trunk, she suddenly changed her mind.

So at this point, Casey's family sprang into action and claimed that the smell in the trunk was probably just a rotting pizza (I don't know who their pizza company is, but I recommend against eating any if it gives off corpse fumes).

During all of this, Casey was in and out of jail on various charges the police kept throwing her way in an attempt to drag a confession out of her or hold her until enough evidence was accumulated. Casey, in an obvious attempt for star billing at the Oscars, gave an award winning performance as The Grieving And Worried Mother until pictures showing her partying after Caylee's disappearance strained everyone's credulity.

Finally the police had enough. Loaded with enough information to sink a luxury liner, they arrested Casey for Caylee's murder. However, Casey could rest somewhat easy, as repeated search attempts had not turned up little Caylee's body.

Until a week ago, when someone stumbled across Caylee's corpse in the woods.

Upon hearing of the discovery of Caylee's body, Casey reportedly went into hysterics. This was only natural, as a corpse is the best murder evidence that there is, and Casey knew her chances of getting away with the murder had just been drastically lessened.

The results are not official yet, but there is no doubt in anyone's mind that this corpse is Caylee. It remains to be seen if Casey's gullible parents are going to continue to try to defend their sociopathic daughter or not. Perhaps their loyalty will falter when we learn why there was duct tape wrapped around the child's skull.

Or perhaps the Anthonys will continue in a deluded state, claiming that somehow someone murdered Caylee, for unbelievable reasons of their own, and then conveniently ditched the child's body in the Anthony's neighborhood.


Scott said...

Such a tragedy! I think that some parents get delusional themselves and defend their children till the end as a self preservation instinct. I guess in a way it is natural to want to believe your own child at all costs, but hopefully they will eventually come to their senses. Something similar to this happened several years ago near Toronto and the woman's parents took a long time to recognize what kind of a sociopath their daughter is.

Such a tragic thing!

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Commment deletion is against god.

Ed Abbey said...

I'm amazed at how much that case has dominated the attention of the media way up here in Iowa. Although I still think we need to give Casey the benefit of the doubt for now because we all have the right of innocent until proven guily, I suspect your summation is spot on.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Scott, It truly is. There have been so many people who've been affected by this. And she was such a sweet little girl.

Daniel, ;o)

Saur♥Kraut said...

Ed, really? I was surprised that you and Scott had heard that much about it, but I guess this is certainly big enough to have spread.

Jungle Mom said...

How awful!
BTW, Marica Suzuki is correct. She is the mother of the girl rescued and now has an outreach providing homes to children that their indian mothers can bring them to rather than bury them.
They are making the documentary to get the word out.
The story I mentioned about the anthropologist was not a re enactment but reality.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand how a parent could do this to their child.

On top of that from everything I have read she was really a well behaved child, it is just so senseless.

It makes me sad everytime I see her picture.


Anonymous said...

Here's a question for ya'

If Zanny the nanny never existed (as a babysitter anyway) and Casey has been "leaving her with Zanny" for two years

God only knows where Casey left her on numerous occasions.

The whole Anthony family belongs in prison if you ask me. The grandparents are guilty of either negligence or criminal stupidity.

M@ said...

A crime against nature herself.

M@ said...

Btw, I'm now immersing myself in the literature and philosophy of Scientology. My eyes have been opened by this branch of thought.

And Michelle, aren't YOU a smartass!

M@ said...

And, Saur, my friend, you can intellectualize any syllogism with literature and philosophy and complexity but, if it's built on a false premise, the conclusions are bound to be wrong.

And I'll bet that large gay Englishman with a bald head will agree with me!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Who decides which missing child stories gain national media attention, and which are ignored?

I have my theory.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Lazy, excellent point, so many go missing but only some get the full media treatment, like in the UK with the Madeleine McCann nonsense.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I would not so much call it nonsense. I just think it is odd that some cases garner national (or in the case you mentioned international - it was on all the US cable networks) news while others go largely unnoticed.

Like this one.

10 month old Derrick Days, shot and killed in Miami just a few days ago.

No national media outcry for the killers to be brought to justice.

In fact, a Google news search for Derrick Days brings up only local reports.

It did not even make statewide news.

Hell, it did not even make the Broward newspaper - one county to the north.

Of course Derrick Days was black. And living in public housing. Killed by some gang related shootout. Stray bullet and such.

I do not know if this is the reason why his death did not even make it out of local news, yet everyone in the USA knows details of other cases. But be that as it may it happens.

Is one less tragic than another?

No. It was just that one case was pretty much open and shut. Kid killed by a stray bullet from a gang shootout. End of story.

Nothing to speculate on. Nothing to spend hundreds of hours talking about. No reason to have panels of experts go over countless what if situations.

But this just confirms what I have known for a long time. American "news" is really just a soap opera. The "news" was tossed out long ago. There is no "news". Just gossip and rumor shows. Gossip and rumor shows that have intertwined themselves into "news" to the point where everyone thinks that is what news is!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Jungle Mom, Thanks for the clarification.

Ange, So true.

Anon, I agree with you about the family. As for where the kid was left - remember that the family never heard of "Zanny" until AFTER the child was missing. Until then, Casey only told friends this (perhaps to just show off - "See? I've got a NANNY!"). It may have been a way to sound more important, since she wasn't working and was 'stuck' at home with her kid night and day, with raging hormones and a desire to seem more important than she is/was.

Lazy, No doubt. The media is always more eager to do a story about a hot blond who's gone missing, than her ugly counterpart. The same is true with kids - the photogenic ones (and even better, the ones with hot moms like Casey) get the publicity first. At least that's what *I* see. But let's face it, these media crews want news that SELLS and this is what interests more people than ugly or marginalized people. Is it right? Absolutely not.

I'm interested in this case for private reasons. In addition, it's very near our area (an hour's drive away).

Daniel, I think the McCann case was more than nonsense. I am always grieved by the loss or death of a child.

It had a lot of interest due to the exotic location, the attractive kid and parents, the mysteriousness of it, and it made for an attractive amalgam.


And, Saur, my friend, you can intellectualize any syllogism with literature and philosophy and complexity but, if it's built on a false premise, the conclusions are bound to be wrong.

Right back 'atcha, my friend.

As for Scientology, it is very interesting. But I do recommend you carefully examine it from all angles (as I would recommend with any religion). There's a great book called "Religion Inc.: The Church of Scientology" by Lamont, which I highly endorse.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I do not think m@ is really getting sucked into scientology.

I do not think he makes enough money.

And the fact that news is a "product" is the problem. You have Netflix right? Get Out Foxed. It is a pretty slanted documentary (produced my move on) about a VERY biased "news" network. Former on air employees of that network discuss how the news was manufactured and marketed.

Of course it did not start off like that. The first Fox station was in DC. And the people were left alone. The news people loved it - they were allowed to run their own show without interference.

And then the corporate memos started to filter down.

Ever wonder why talk radio and some TV networks are saying the same thing on the same days? is apparently not by accident.

But slant aside, the news is manufactured. Everyone has copied the Fox format - so good luck finding any news.

Also notice which people are most in support of slashing public broadcasting off the air. Why should any public money go to that garbage? Let them earn ratings!

Like the other "news" networks.

By the way - what is MCNBC talking about right now??

A snow storm. And the governor of illinois is going to say some crap. At 3 PM. 4 PM local time for me. It is currently 12:45 - so that is 3 hours 15 minutes away.

Other than that - apparently nothing at all is going on.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Daniel, After reading your post on the McCanns(which you linked to), I must say that I agree with it.

Bee Repartee said...

This is very sad. The worst is that the police are now looking into allegations that a "plastic bag" that turned out to be Caylee, was anonymously called into police back in August. The anon caller turned out to be Roy Kronk who called in the body when he found the skull.

I think that the grandparents knew what happened, if only the grandmother. She came across as a liar and manipulator with each interview.

Regardless, I feel horrible for little Caylee.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Bee, So very true. When it comes to Casey and Cindy Anthony, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree", as my grandmother used to say.

When I first heard about that worker (Roy Kronk) who'd called in the tip so many times and finally discovered the bag held Caylee, I figured he might have something to do with the murder, himself.

But the fact is that he apparently called it in, then called a couple other times to see if anything was found, then went back himself to investigate recently.

Still, it's weird. Here's what the defense will say to build a shadow of doubt:

Why did Kronk call three times in August? If it bugged him all that badly, why didn't Kronk go back immediately and investigate himself? That is, unless he felt it was in his best interest to have someone ELSE find Caylee. As we know, statistics show that often the person 'discovering' a corpse is the actual murderer.

Wouldn't a normal person call it in once, and then let it go (assuming that the cops had done due diligence)? Why was Kronk so SURE they hadn't done their job and there was something still to be found? What might he have known that he didn't reveal during his first series of calls?

The prosecution, however, will point out that if Casey was quiet for an entire month due to threats she received (as Casey alleges), then:

1. Why all the partying? The shopping? The stealing a checkbook and forging a check? Cooking dinner (and having lots of sex) with her boyfriend? Why didn't she tell a single soul that her child was missing, even if her family had been threatened (as she claims)? These are not the behaviors of a concerned mother.

2. Why would Kronk want to set Casey up? The defense will say that it's a great way for Kronk to kill the kid and get away with it, but then Kronk could have disposed of the body anywhere - and it would have been much less suspicious than calling the cops 4 times in order to implicate Casey. So to do so, we would have to assume Kronk knows Casey and wants to set her up. Again, a premise that might be worth considering if we didn't have #1 to contend with.

I find it interesting that the police started saying IMMEDIATELY that Kronk isn't a suspect. Apparently they are very sure for a reason. I'd like to know what it is, although I'm sure it will come out in the trial.

Jamie Dawn said...

Mothers like Casey make me sick to my stomach.
Casey will get a trial. She will be convicted and most likely sentenced to death or life without parole.
Casey does not deserve any sympathy whatsoever.
When I look at that precious toddler, I get tears in my eyes. Little Caylee should be alive and happy.
Casey's parents know the truth.
I'm sure they are sick to their stomachs too, but they will most likely defend their daughter.

The Zombieslayer said...

The authorities often go after the parents. If I'm not mistaken, the #1 killer of a child is the step-father and the #2 is their own mother. That's off the top of my head so don't quote me on that, but I think I read that from a pretty reliable source.

Anonymous said...

Caylee is one precious child and may the Lord be with her. People like crazy woman Casey Anthony should rot in jail. I really hope it drives her to the point of no return. She deserves to be miserable and be put through what she put that child through. Shes going to hell!!!!