Friday, December 05, 2008

One President? Two Presidents? Or None?

In the Washington Post article today, titled One President? Two Presidents? Or None?, Dan Froomkin points out something that many of us have been pondering. It makes interesting reading, and I'd like to recommend it today, instead of writing myself.

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Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Nice piece, I think Bush needs to govern as best a she can and as strong as he can for the time that's left but no matter what, he can't repair an 8 year time in charge that leaves him nearly at the bottom of the All-Time Presidential league Table.

As for Obama getting everything in place nice and swift, not a problee with this, he is aman getting it right and being prepared is as good as it gets to being ready.

Obviously, he can't do anything apart from prepare and plan, he's not in charge...yet.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I think we have 0 Presidents right now.

Obama is not the President yet. He is not even a Senator anymore. He can not vote on anything.

Now before Obama I had never heard of "The Office of the President Elect". I suppose it was always there (when there is a President Elect), but up till now it was not a very public office.

But these are not the usual conditions of a transition. I actually think it was good that Obama put together his national security team so quick. It shows he was thinking about this long before the election.

Arrogance? Acting like he won before he won? Maybe. But do you want to vote for the guy who acts like he won or the guy who is acting like he lost? Part of the game is the way to carry yourself. So arrogance? No. Just a better game player.

But since he did win, and had apparently talked to some people and put thought into who he would pick before hand - members of very important teams are known.

We know who will be advising him on national security. Good people. Qualified people. People who know what the hell they are talking about. People that know the military.

And his economic team? A bit nerdy - but hey! They are economists! If you want to join the party hard fraternity in college you DO NOT rush "Kappa Delta Economics".

When the team was announced Wall Street had a little bit of a bounce by the way. I do not think that the slight bounce had anything to do with the announcement, and whatever "gains" made are gone again - but

The point is that people were all up in arms over the "terrorists" that Obama would surely appoint to positions involving national security, and were sure he would fill the positions involving economics up with communists. You must remember that.

Well he did not do that. Not a big shock to me - but it took ALL the wind out of the sails from people pushing that crap.

Anyhow - I think that between the current condition, anxiety over the war and national security, and the lies spread before the election - Obama had to make the never before seen "Office of the President Elect" signs and have press conferences. And announce members of key teams.

The American People want that. Normally we could all give a crap less, but these are NOT normal times.

Bush...well he seems to have checked out already. I can understand him being burned out. I think he is really just counting days, wishing he could make his term end sooner.

But Obama is not the President. Nor is he claiming to be. He has been clear about what he is - the next President. Not the current President.

So I guess we have 0???

What an absurd mess.

Dr. Deb said...

I'll go click the link now....

R2K said...

I like how Obama is keeping an artificially low profile, for the sake of the country. But all the same, it is clear that he is working very hard to hit the ground running. That builds confidence.

The Doozie said...

I don't even know whats going on right now, I'm too busy caring for my pet chinchilla