Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blueberry Coffee

I recently had my old coffee maker finally die in a spectacular manner, which included flashing lights and spouting gouts of boiling water in a never-ending stream all over my kitchen counter until I could grab the cord and rip it out of the wall.

The coffee maker had been a Gevalia single-serve unit, and I wisely decided it was time for a change. So over the holidays, I bought a Keurig single-serve maker which was on sale for an excellent price, full of bells and whistles and a pretty blue flashing light.

The great thing about single-serve coffee is that everyone can have exactly what they want, and no pots of coffee lay around, half-full and going to waste. The downside is that coffee in K-Cups (single servings) can be more expensive than the standard bulk coffee. Since I drink only a cup or two a day, it's of no difference to me and it's nice to have an assortment to offer my guests.

I currently have on hand: Mudslide, Pecan Pie, Cowboy Coffee (which is stronger than Starbucks), a hawaiin blend of macadamia and coconut, Chocolate Almond, French Vanilla, and more.

But I discovered that when you buy an assortment, you invariably get something you don't want. So instead of drinking it or simply throwing it away, I try to foist it off on the people that I love.

My friend Pov is a blueberry fan. He can sit down and consume large amounts of blueberry pancakes and muffins. This is in contrast to me: I have never met a blueberry I liked unless it was freshly picked and eaten the same day.

However, a recent coffee assortment had two K-Cups of blueberry flavored coffee. I can't imagine there is a demand for the stuff, and I am really amazed they ever chose to offer it. It's as appealing as chicken-flavored hot cocoa.

So when Pov was over about a month ago, I slipped him a cup of blueberry coffee and he cheerfully drank it, proclaiming it to be great coffee.

I tried it again about a week ago. However, Pov was in a difficult mood. When he gets this way, he's unbearable to be around and he becomes deliberately disagreeable. No matter what you say or do, he is bound to argue with you about it.

So when Pov asked for a cup of coffee and I suggested the last blueberry flavored dose, he declared that he would never like the stuff and was unconvinced when I told him that I had served him some before. I quickly gave up, and he settled for a Mudslide flavored cup instead.

For over a week, the blueberry K-Cup sat there, mocking me. I felt guilty about throwing it away, but I would always reach over it to pick something... anything else.

I had almost thrown it away, when Pov came over this morning, demanding coffee. "No problem!," I said. "Sit down, watch the news, and I'll brew one up for you!" And while he was distracted, I whipped that last blueberry K-Cup into the machine and brewed him a fresh cup of the noxious stuff.

I had to run out the door to take my friend to the airport, and Pov was going in the opposite direction. But a little while later, he called to check in and I had to ask, "By the way, how was the coffee?"

"Great!" declared Pov.

"Great?" I asked, pressing my luck. "Everything was fine?"

"Yup, absolutely perfect," replied Pov.

I am finally rid of the last of the blueberry and since he never reads my blog, Pov is none the wiser. Perhaps I can interest him in chicken-flavored hot cocoa.


Uncle Joe said...

that sounds like great coffee.
it's all good.

check this out:
Only in Oklahoma......I think...

OKC Man Stopped for Anti-Obama Sign

Posted: Feb 19, 2009 11:17 AM CST

Updated: Feb 19, 2009 11:18 AM CST

Associated Press

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A construction worker with an anti-President Obama sign in his pickup truck window was stopped by police who confiscated the homemade sign.

Chip Harrison of Oklahoma City had a sign reading 'Abort Obama, not the unborn' when he was stopped by two officers last week.

Harrison said an officer told him the sign could be considered a threat to the president and police notified the Secret Service.

The officers took the sign but later returned it to Harrison and police said the officers were "overzealous."

Special Agent in charge Adrian Andrews of the Secret Service's Oklahoma City field office said agents interviewed Harrison and determined he's not a threat.

Harrison said he's no fan of Obama but the sign is a political statement opposing abortion, not a threat to Obama.

He said the sign is back in his truck and that he's considering whether to pursue a civil matter against the police for what he considers a violation of his right to free speech.

daveawayfromhome said...

Dont like coffee. I used to use my 4-cup Gevalia for making iced tea. Which I do like.

Okie cops do like to throw their weight around. It aint quite Macon around there, but it can get close.
Joe, here's a guy who ought to be locked up, if you're worrying about threatening our public officials.

Leesa said...

Another way to eat blueberries: freeze them after picking (the ones you can't eat the same day), and then take them out on a hot day. It is a desert, sort of like a blueberry ice.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I have a dual function coffee maker. One half of it is a regular 10 cup automatic drip machine. The other half of it is an espresso machine. I can make either 2 cups or 4 cups of espresso.

But really, the "4 cup" serving is really only one cup.

I can also steam milk if I want - which I hardly ever do.

If someone bitches about the coffee - they can go to Starbucks and get some crap with syrup in it. I don't care.

All I have is Cafe Pilon espresso and Maxwell House automatic drip.

Or hot tea. The espresso maker can also be used for tea.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

As a non-coffee drinker I have used a one-cup coffee maker for years to brew herbal (particularly "zinger" teas. I love blueberries in any form, expecially picked fresh off the bush. My freezer is pretty full of blueberries of my own picking from my own bushes. My worst gripe about my new home is the lack of blueberry bushes (and the lack of a pear tree). I am working up the energy to change the situation.

M@ said...

we just got that at work. it's nice.

N&D said...

Blueberry Coffee is OK.
But I love Keurig Brewers as well. Fast and easy way to make Great coffee :). This is great website if you interesting with K Cups Giveaways every week plus bunch of Coupons on K-Cups

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

You Yanks love to have all kinds of flavoured stuff.

And Uncle Joe:

I like how the idea of aborting Obama is okay but not a cell system.

Cool moral compass.

eddo said...

It's as appealing as chicken-flavored hot cocoa.

hahha. This line made me laugh out loud! I need to get me one of those coffee machines. When you are a single dude living alone it's a pain to make a pot, even a small pot only to drink one cup of coffee.