Monday, March 16, 2009


Every blogger eventually experiences burn-out at one point or another. I'm taking a mini-vacation both last week and this one. Think of it as Spring Break.

In the meantime, the Tampa Bay Area is experiencing a drought that is unprecedented. Three years of water shortage and we're down to almost no water at all, with little rain in the forecast.


Because the politicians down here never had the guts to stop all the building. They were too busy kissing butts and taking payoffs. Building permits are still being issued, while many of us natives wonder if we'll eventually become so restricted that we won't even be allowed to shower every day.

Right now there are no restrictions on using reclaimed water (treated sewage) but we expect that this will change soon.

In the meantime, our lawns are brown and crispy, our dirt is dry as sand and can't even retain water anymore.

And we continue to build new homes.


The Lazy Iguana said...

At least you do not have to mow the %$%@##$^$^ lawn. If it is brown, it is not growing.

And that is not so bad. Do we really need green lawns anyway? If you ask me, that is over rated.

The Everglades National Park staff is looking for a dry year. It is really dry out there now. The surplus water dumped by Fay into the big lake is gone. Used up. The forecast for this year is for more and larger wild fires.

If you ask me, people should be required by law to choose between a lush green lawn, or flushing toilets. Want a green yard? Fine. Dig a pit in the back yard crap in an outhouse. Want indoor toilets that flush? Great! No lawn watering.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Well, right now we just don't have a choice. My lawn is limping along. Over the years, I've gradually xeroscaped a great part of it, but there are still areas that look bad right now.

Thank goodness for reclaimed water, but they will eventually limit that too.

I see that no one is reading my column any more. I'm wondering if I should just put this on hold for a month or so? What are your thoughts?

The Lazy Iguana said...

People are still reading.

When you quit posting daily, people stop dropping by daily. You know, nothing to see here - move along kind of thing.

You said you were taking the week off - so people will just come back next week.

It rained here last night. And today.

Uncle Joe said...

You deserve a break. Lord knows you do.
Just be sure to come back!!!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lazy, Cool. It RAINED? I only wish! At least we've got recycled water here but even then, I feel guilty using it. :(

Joe, Thanks so much! Please give my love to your family, too. I'm trying to get a lot done before the weather gets too hot for it, and I'm doing a TON of spring cleaning! I'm really ripping my house apart.

Tom said...

I enjoy reading your column but you don't want to miss this great weather outside. Have a fun vacation.

As to the drought, I don't think we have too many buildings or people, just too many lawns and too much sprawl.

We just offered a class in "Planting a Sustainable Yard" at the Bartlett Park Community Garden. Stay tuned for the next class. There is no need to waste water if you want a beautiful landscape.

onemansview said...

Hey Saur Kraut,

Are you still taking a break? You should listen to the podcast of the show I am. You are welcomed to call into the show. Drop me an email if you want the web address to the show.
We do not have any water problems here but, it is 10 degrees right now and we still have some snow on the ground..grins

Ellen said...

I was just down your way at Rosemary Beach for a wedding on the 14th. It surprised me that there was still constuction in full swing.... and the lawns were soooo manicured that I felt as if I was walking on astroturf. And then the houses.... oh my! They could easily have ranged into the millions.... never mind the insurance on them. It was as if the rest of the problems of the world did not exist for the folks on route 30A.

As for not writing.... I hear ya. Sometimes one must take a break to regroup and recoup. You deserve your time.