Friday, August 28, 2009

Jaycee Dugard: What Elizabeth Smart Could Have Become

(age progression from age 11 to age 25, courtesy of the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children)

Many of us were stunned to find that Jaycee Lee Dugard was alive after eighteen years. She was kidnapped at age 11, and is currently 29 years old. If I had been her mother, I would have given up all hope. And I believe where there's life, there's hope.

However, at this point, she and her two children will need a lifetime of therapy to even begin to approach normalcy.

The picture above would only show Jaycee the way she would look in ideal circumstances. However, as details have emerged, it has become apparent that she and her children have led a life of great deprivation. She can hardly be expected to look this good.

During her time in captivity, she was repeatedly molested by her kidnapper, Phillip Craig Garrido. As a result, she produced two daughters: A fifteen year old that was born when Jaycee was only fourteen years old, and an eleven year old.

Phillip Craig Garrido was reportedly very "religious" (as Elizabeth Smart's captor was) and that's what ultimately was his undoing (just as it was the undoing of Elizabeth's captors).

As more details emerge, it becomes increasingly obvious that Jaycee cooperated with her captors just as Elizabeth did. And yet, Jaycee was also very cooperative with the legal authorities as well, which shows that her brainwashing wasn't complete.

Perhaps Elizabeth Smart, now a successful and mentally healthy college student, will be willing to meet with Jaycee as she sorts out the nightmare that she has lived for eighteen years.

Most of us find such an experience almost beyond imagining. But perhaps most amazing of all is the revelation which came to parents who had mentally buried their daughter many years ago.


Knot said...

It angers me they gave an interview to her captors. It angers me that her captors were paroled. It angers me that not only one life was affected, but her family and her kids. Her 20's are gone. We can only pray God will bless her with MANY years of compassion, good companionship, kindness, complete recovery and swift justice in the form of long hard torture for her captors.

jacob watson said...

I say burn him

Angela said...

What is just as sad as anything to me about this whole case is what the stepfather had to go through. He was the only suspect and he not only saw his stepdaughter kidnapped but he lost the rest of his family as well.

I really hope that this family is able to move on from this and live long happy lives.

Lisa said...

It is a miracle that she is alive. I pray that she can recover from this ordeal.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Late comment, but I noticed in today's paper there was an article stating that they are beginning to tie this guy into a number of unusual or unsolved kidnapping/murders out in that part of the country.

Aunt Jo said...

I wonder how she held on for so long??