Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Recent Celebrity Death

Michael Jackson Was Murdered

The official report is that MJ was murdered due to a massive drug overdose at his request. Yes, MJ's doctor administered the fatal dose. But even though drug dealers might hand an addict that final, lethal dose... it is the addict's choice to take it.

Should his doctor be charged? Yes, of course.

But at what point do we hold the "victim" responsible as well? Let's not lose focus on the fact that MJ made some horrific lifestyle choices that finally caught up with him.

Ted Kennedy is Dead

Ted's moved on to the great Chappaquiddick in the sky. Years ago I watched a very disturbing movie called "What Dreams May Come." It doesn't show the classic version of hell: Instead, hell becomes whatever your worst fears are.

Will Mary Jo Kopechne be there to greet him with open arms or will his version of hell find him eternally drowning in the same car he left Mary Jo to die in?

I can't help but believe that Ted didn't end up in a happy place, despite what others may protest.

He will now be eulogized with great fanfare, and the only thing sweeter will be the sugary frosting on a cheap bakery cake.

But all I can think about is Mary Jo Kopechne: Alone, cold, trapped, and drowning.


Angela said...

I had no clue what you were talking about, (Kennedy). Thank you for enlightening me. I have a very low opinion of most all politicians, especially my states governor, so don't generally expect much in terms of moral or ethical integrity.

Ed Abbey said...

I think for the very reasons you stated, that is why the doctor is being charged with manslaughter and not murder.

I'm not looking forward to three days of memorials on Ted.

daveawayfromhome said...

The word used in the report was not "murder", but "homicide", which is a general term which includes manslaughter. I dont think anyone (but the crazies) imagine a cackling doctor taking out the aging popstar with a syringe. That kind of thing only happens in hospitals.

As for Kennedy, like any man of great power, he seemed to have gotten away with things that ordinary folk wouldnt have. On the other hand, had an ordinary person have been aquitted of Kopechne's death, they probably wouldnt have been beaten over the head with it for the rest of their lives, either.
Kennedy did a lot of good things also, and, on the whole, did more for America than against it (and I say this despite having a great loathing for the No Child Left Behind bill, which is a mess that will damage a generation or more of school children).

daveawayfromhome said...

Here's a good reason to celebrate Ted Kennedy: Even though he was a really rich guy, he never acted like people who were poor were so because they deserved to be. This puts him above pretty much the entire Republican party.

Bob, Becky, Ella Jane said...

Sorry he is dead; ecstatic he is no longer in government.