Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lindsay Lohan's Fashion Disaster

The diva we love to hate has just released her clothing line to a chorus of boos and cackles of laughter. She just doesn't "have it", according to all the fashionistas and critics who have unanimously weighed in against her.

Joining the dogpile are ("“a bad joke of a fashion show"), the New York Times (who compared this disaster to a fry cook attempting to cook at a high class restaurant), and the LA Times (who pointed out that Lohan was teary at the end, and certainly had a reason to be). Of course the clamor is endless, with everyone pointing and laughing.

But, although I despise Lohan due to her horrific personal choices, I must say that her fashion line looks no less disastrous to me than anything you can find in the pages of Vogue. I admit her choice to plaster sequined hearts onto her models' heads is quite silly, but so is much that we find on runways and on the backs of starlets everywhere.

My biggest concern about her fashion line is that it appears to be designed for real bodies, and looks a little out of place on the emaciated corpse-like bodies of her models.

The colors are horrific, the style is definately a throw-back to the 80s, but hello? Has anyone out there ever heard of Betsey Johnson, Maven of Tackiness?

To see Lohan's notorious line, go here.


daveawayfromhome said...

I actually am feeling rather sorry for Ms Lohan, which is damned uncomfortable, I must say. Gotta give her credit for trying, maybe. She needs to go talk to Bill Shatner about overcoming stereotypes. That, and get her shit together and stop acting like an overaged (yes, even as young as she is, she's been at it long enough to be "overaged" - seriously, just grow up, Lindsay) party girl. Time for bit parts and character roles.
And I really have to wonder, who thought that Lohan would be a draw for fashion? What market exactly are they shooting for that couldnt be better served by some now-too-old-for-Disney starlet?

Final comment: those models are simply scary. Are there plans to outsource models to some drought-stricken African nation (and this is the set-up for the changeover), or are the runway types expressing some sort of solidarity with WWII concentration camp victims as a political statement to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Whatever is fueling the look, it's horrifying.

Uncle Joe said...

In my view some of the designs were fine but as you noted, the models skinnicism took any credibility away.

She may be ahead of her time and recognized as a genius somewhere down the road.
Not really.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Who in the world thinks that Lohan really did the designs and didn't serve as a patsy for some low level working designer who could only get a show by using Lohan's name (such as it is.)