Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy MLK Day

To all friends and loved ones: Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Only roughly 50% of businesses were closed today. I see that as progress: I didn't even realize there were that many!

I have mixed feelings about Martin Luther King. For more on that, read my article last year. I would prefer this to be a holiday celebrating the ending of segregation, instead of naming it after one man only, when there were so many who were part of the movement.

However, we celebrate what MLK stands for, with the hopes that some day complete equality will be enjoyed by all of us.


Paul Nichols said...

Even tho there are many who were significant contributors to the civil rights movement, there was really only one galvanizing leader, one catalyst, one icon, one motivator to the masses. It was MLK. He certainly was not the only martyr, but because he was, the black population of the US lost its one galvanizing leader, its one catalyst, its one icon, its one motivator.

That is why it's called "Martin Luther King, Jr. Day."

Two cents worth.