Saturday, December 28, 2013

Climate Change

I was standing in line the other day. Behind me stood a man who had suddenly decided that everyone within hearing distance should be privy to the conversation and have the advantage of his immense store of knowledge. He was probably in his 50s but it was hard to tell: His skin reflected a lifestyle of hard living and he had a very superior look pasted on his face as he treated us all to the hysterical "disproof" of climate change.

"Yup," he said loudly, eyes darting about to make sure we were all treated to this. "The ice is act-chawly GROWING at the north and south poles. We're gettin' COLDER. HAR! Guess THET disproves global warming once an' fer all."
Which is precisely why scientists have changed the term to "climate change" - there will always be morons who think that global warming means everything gets warm simultaneously.

Yes: There have been some "proofs" of climate change that were doctored in the past but overall most scientists believe that climate change is occurring, though no one can prove whether or not it's man-made or merely cyclical.