Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nature's Food Patch

One day I decided to make a run to Nature's Food Patch for a couple things I needed. At Nature's Food Patch, an employee in the deli had engaged a customer and her small son in an odd conversation.

I listened as the employee breathlessly told the woman that Christians believed that dinosaurs came before God.  She added a lot of other such "information", attempting to portray us as lunkheaded idiots. Yeah sure, lady. We also think the world is flat and still believe in the Spontaneous Generation Theory, too. (Not that she would know anything about Spontaneous Generation of course. The average person has never heard about that antiquated theory).

The employee kept spouting off her "facts" in front of other employees, even engaging them to verify what she was saying, and I patiently waited for her to come wait on ME. When I got my order, I went up to the customer privately and told her to do her own research, and added that there are a variety of Christians that believe a variety of things, but I had certainly NEVER heard the dinosaur-before-God theory.

I understand from a private source that Nature's Food Patch is owned by Scientologists. No surprise there, I guess, since they're obsessively focused on health because their religious practices hinge on it.