Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Skype Blackmail

A friend of mine called me to tell me a story of his friend, whom I'll call "Tony". We'll call my friend "John". John and Tony go a long ways back and one day John got a Facebook friend request from Tony. John didn't think much of it: Sometimes people will open a second FB account for various reasons. He friended this new supposed Tony and was suddenly shown a series of ...shall we say... compromising photos of Tony, naked, in front of his lit computer screen.
Immediately John unfriended this new account, reported and blocked it. Then he called Tony. "Yeah, I know," Tony answered resignedly, instead of his usual simple "hello."
Tony had been getting hot and heavy with a girl he'd met online, and during a mutual...encounter... on Skype, the girl had been secretly recording Tony. She later took screenshots and attempted to blackmail him. When Tony refused to pay the blackmail, she set out to "friend" everyone on his friends list in order to send them the photos.
"Yeah," said John. "So he was pretty resigned to it. I mean, what can you do? He's got a good sense of humor about it. I did post on his Facebook page that I'd seen a lot more of him lately. A WHOLE lot more."