Friday, March 04, 2016

With Candidates, Size DOES Matter

Last night was the first Presidential debate in our history where penis size became the measure of a man. After Rubio recently descended to new depths to allege Trump has a small one, Trump proudly proclaimed on stage in the final debate that he is well endowed. We can all rest easier, now. But...
It's interesting to see the Republican establishment has grown so nervous that they've even taken Romney out, dusted him off, and fed him lines in the mistaken belief that anyone voted for him because of his charisma. At the same time, they're pouring their resources into another establishment candidate: Rubio, who is guaranteed to be more of the same.
What they should have done then, and still refuse to do now, is acknowledge that the American voter is tired of electing politicians who promise to make changes, and then sit around doing nothing except make things worse.
The electorate is enchanted with the idea of change, or Obama would never have been elected. Even the Democratic party has forgotten that, as they trot out their old, tired warhorse of a candidate. This is why Bernie has generated interest.
The only way the Republican Establishment will win is to understand that things will never be the same again and it's time to let go of their cronyism, their stale ideas, and those deep pockets they have their fists thrust into.
I wanted Rand Paul. But if they decide to thrust aside everyone in favor of Cruz now, not even in a week from now, they might have a candidate who will be able to withstand an intelligent Democrat such as Bernie or Hillary. They have no more time to waste with pathetic manipulations or a candidate with little-to-no experience.
So does size matter? Absolutely.
Last night both Rubio and Trump showed themselves to be small minded men, incapable of adult discussions on stage in front of an entire nation. We need someone who can see the big picture: Someone who worries about American jobs being lost, who worries about our place in this world, who worries about the size of the debt and not the size of his penis.


Michael Althouse said...

I could not agree more. I just wish there was a candidate any candidate - who I could get excited about.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Mike! Where have you been lately? Good to hear from you.