Friday, July 27, 2007

Geico's Cavemen to Debut in TV Show

In an either brilliant or idiotic move (only time will tell), Geico has decided to turn their cavemen's appeal into big bucks on the TV screen.

Some reporters are getting their jollies tearing it apart before it's even debuted. One reporter remarked snidely that it was ironic that a bunch of white men are trying to write a TV show about discrimination and questioned their ability to do so since they may have never encountered it themselves.

It makes you wonder how they made the movie Alien. Perhaps there's more to Ridley Scott than we know.

I am SO very tired of hearing that we can't identify with persecution or racism. Stop the printing presses everyone! Let's remove every book written in the female perspective by a male author. If he hasn't menstruated, he can't possibly understand the female psyche!


I despise reverse discrimination as much as I despise discrimination itself. I don't want to hear one more self-serving whiny moron complain that you can only understand "it" if you've lived "it". That destroys the years of hard work, genuine ethics, and any intelligence that people have displayed when they rise above themselves to help others.

As for the Geico Cavemen show, I think it will rise or fall on it's own merits although I have a hard time believing there's that much material out there.

I prefer to think of the cavemen leading rather ordinary lives, with occasional disruptions that are showcased in the Geico commercials. I would like a little left to my own imagination, please. What I'm afraid of is that they will be reduced to something less brilliantly ironic than they currently are.

Just as Geico already destroyed their gecko by giving him a cockney accent, they are in jeapordy of destroying another brilliantly conceived marketing ploy. Sometimes too much of a thing is not a good thing. I suspect this is one of those instances.


Ted said...

Hope you are doing fine. I bailed on my blogger friends to go to myspace but I look in every now and then.

M@ said...

WE don't face discrimination?

Bullshit. The federal government's policy is pretty much to replace whites with non-whites.

I used to work for African American people. They didn't like me from the get-go. The short man tried to stare me down... and I'm a guy who finished his degree at a black university. Jesus.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I think the cavemen are gay. Super floating sprinkling fairy dust all over the place gay.

Really now. Who would need therapy because of an advertising campaign?

Geico is just an insurance company. Their business is collecting money and finding excuses to not pay claims. F em. F em in the gecko ass.

Bryan said...

I love those commercials!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Bryan, me too!

Lazy, you ol' sourpuss! OK, the therapy thing is taking it a little far, but it's better than that gecko...

m@, dittos, all the way!

Ted, I am! I've been wondering where you've been. I could never take a liking to MySpace, though I stay on it to stay in touch with family and friends who don't blog or read mine.