Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trip to the Vet's

This morning my mom called to ask for my help in dragging her latest dog (affectionately nicknamed Dogzilla) to the veterinarian's. Dad had a doctor's appointment himself, and couldn't go. Mom was afraid that Dogzilla would overwhelm her, since she's a very muscular dog.

We speculate that Dogzilla is a cross between a scottie and a bulldog. She has the looks of a scottie, but is packed with solid muscle and bone, with wide, gaping jaws and sharp teeth. She's actually a very sweet dog by nature, but mom and dad are older and she is still young and plays hard. Additionally, she hates the vet with a passion.

When we got to the vet's, Dogzilla was intially fine. But when we went into the actual room, she grew nervous. And when the nurse decided to take her temperature, Dogzilla went into action. It took three of us to try to hold her down, she was howling as if she were being tortured... and the nurse hadn't even begun to insert the thermometer.

By the time it was over, Dogzilla was muzzled, the nurse decided to forget about the stool sample and temperature, and after tremendous struggle and plaintive howling, blood was drawn and two injections were given.

As we were getting ready to leave, my mom asked "If this is how bad it is at the vet's, how will we ever get her groomed?" I turned to the vet and asked that he provide some tranquilizers to get Dogzilla through such an ordeal. He agreed to write up a prescription right away, as he wiped the sweat off his brow. I told mom that I was taking Dogzilla outside while she paid the bill.

While we waited, I told myself to make sure mom didn't leave without those precious tranquilizers, since Dogzilla is due to be groomed this week. When mom finally walked up to us, I asked "Did you get the tranquilizers?"

"Yes," said mom. "And he gave me some for Dogzilla, too."


Anonymous said...

Thats pretty crazy, that pup doesn't look too big. It's too bad she has such an issue with the vet, it might be worth it to try and make the visit a more positive experience. I would imagine this behavior is something that could be trained out of her.

My vet is pretty great, I have two small dogs so vet visits last all day so they can monitor them for allergic reactions. They also give them tons of treats so that the vet visit is a happy one. Neither of my dogs is apprehensive at the vet at all right now and my male dog is allowed to run around as he pleases at the vet because they like him so darn much. My girl pup is only 4 months old, I swear she was a whole pound heavier when I got her home from all the treats she ate.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Did you photoshop the first photo? My parents have one little pathetic worthless stupid long haired white dog with some black spots here and there. The dog is too dumb to know where it is at any given point of time. Taking it to the vet is pretty easy, he just acts all scared and pathetic and dumb.

The cats are more fun. At home you have to corral them and force them into the carriers. At the vet you can not get them out of the carriers. They wedge themselves in. I have had to take the carriers apart before.

Hans said...

I have a 90# Golden Retriever Mix that makes going to the vet an experience. Takes shots okay and does fine with the exam but drawing blood is an ordeal that usually requires me pinning him in the corner while keeping nose to nose contact with him. I'm a big man and he's 14 years old but it is an absolute test of wills every year.

kathleen said...

Funny story!

Saur, he looks like he may be part Schnauzer. They are thick muzzled and all muscle. I owned a dog grooming and pet supply in my early years while putting my husband through school. The worse bite I ever received was from a rock solid miniature Schnauzer. I remember it like it was yesterday. Within 2 seconds he had travailed the entire distance of my arm. I believe it was 5 good bites. All the while he was on the grooming table biting me, I was trying to keep him from hanging himself. I was happy to sell that business.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Kathleen, THAT is a funny story! I really chuckled over that. ;o) Yeah, we were wondering if there was shnauzer in Dogzilla, too. But what is the stocky part do you suppose?

Hans, Dogzilla is definately a strong-willed little girl. I am amazed that she can pack so much punch into such a small frame!

Lazy, I didn't Photoshop it, but wasn't it just perfect? It sums up our latest demonic addition, very nicely. ;o) Yeah, cats are quite the challenge. My oldest and biggest dog (BoBo) is brilliant, but the other two aren't all that special intelligence-wise. Strangely, each has his/her own personality.

Ange, maybe the key is to offer treats. Mom and Dad take her on car trips to get her acclimated, so she doesn't think that every car trip is The Trip of Doom. I think that helps... to a small extent. :P

Cranky Yankee said...

This is more like it.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

It is just so incredible, the way our pets develop psychotic personalities when they visit the vet !! My cat becomes SuperCat, and it takes 2 of us to get her into the carrier ... with any luck, none of us are shredded by her claws !! Then once at the vet, she won't get out, and hangs on to the furthest corner of the carrier, and needs to be pried out !! Then, sits shaking on the exam table ... escaping at the earliest possible moment, to return to the depths of her carrier.
Hope the dog is OK, and the medication helps.
Take care, Meow