Monday, August 13, 2007


Overall, I had a good time this weekened, as I was looking for merchandise to resell. Perhaps you have a stronger will than I do, but my biggest problem is looking without buying any for myself.

Now, if I were selling men's underwear, I'd have no problems restraining myself. However, I tend to sell what I like. You see, from the time I was a little girl, my mother always told me to give away gifts that I like so that if they come back to me, I can live with it. The only problem is that it makes it harder to give them away in the first place. The same applies to selling the stuff.

I got to go through Orlando, over to Daytona, and up the coast to Jacksonville in my quest. The days were lovely, the drive was easy enough, with all the stops and starts, and I enjoyed seeing new scenery along the way.

I stopped in a designer's shop at one point during my trip. She was a petite Asian woman, with a strong accentless voice. I asked her if she was from New York originally and, startled, she admitted she was.

"But you know how many people ask me what country I'm from, instead?" she asked.

She had a man who walked in recently, and said "Konichewa! Or, how do you say it where YOU'RE from?"

"I say 'Hi, howya doin,'" she said, "Cuz I'm American and I'm from New York."

The man's wife promptly hit him and apologized profusely to her.

"He had it coming," she said, philosophically.


mal said...

it is an odd thing that happens in California with Latinos. Some folks forget the Mexicans owned the place before the Americans moved in and assumes some one that looks hispanic is from south of the border.


Ed Abbey said...

I see that a lot too being married to someone from the Philippines. I also get a lot of people coming up to my wife and speaking spanish, so much so, that there must be a large asian population in Mexico somewhere that I don't know about.

Miss Cellania said...

This happens all the time to my girls. I had four kids with me at a restaurant just last night, and one of the employees asked Princess what country she is from. After he left I said, "I wonder what made him assume you are from another country?" Princess said. "Maybe its because I'm Asian." Of course, she is right, but I have to emphasize to them that when you get out of Podunk, there ARE people of Asian descent who are born in the USA.

What's weird is that someone who is smart and paid attention should assume that MY kids were born in Kentucky from their hillbilly accents. But they, like all the Asians they know around here, are immigrants.

I've had to actively teach them that Americans come in all colors, whether born here or naturalized. You certainly can't tell it by the population of our town. I really need to move away...

The Lazy Iguana said...

I have a friend who now lives in Orlando. The crazy chick was working for Publix in Lakeland and moved to Orlando because she likes a long commute to and from work. Oh yea and she may get a job working for the giant rat.

Anyway, I would have made it as far as Orlando and then on to Coco Beach. And then the trip would have ended, because I would have started to buy beer and then that would pretty much be it.

Jungle Mom said...

I have the problem of speaking spanish to everyone! I just got back from 20 years in Venezuela and when I open my mouth, instinct makes spanish come out...sorry. Especially reflexive things like ,"Excuse me" or "pardon me".
I'm a red head so people look at me funny and eventually I figure out they did not understand me.

mal said...

Ed, I think the problem is a lot of folks can not tell the difference between those of Philipino descent and those of Mexican descent.

I suspect 99% of the population do not know what Tagalog is either

United We Lay said...

Over the years I've told you about the racism my husband and I have encountered all over the country. If they don't hear him speak, the often assume he's mexican. (he's Colombian) If we speak in spanish in public, we get all sorts of nasty looks, comments, etc. We've been told we're going to hell for mixing races. We've had people tell their children they'd be disowned if they married out of their race. I've had men sit next to me in restaurants in FL when my husband went to the bathroom and ask me how a blue-eyed, blonde haired girl like me could deign to be with an arab. (again, he's Colombian) He's been called a litanty of names, both to his face and behind his back.

Cranky Yankee said...