Friday, August 31, 2007

Brigitte Gabriel: Modern Lebanese Holocaust Survivor

I recently discovered public speaker and former Anchorwoman and journalist Brigitte Gabriel. Since I'd never heard of her before, I'm betting neither have you. So I'm inserting a very powerful speech she made, in it's entirety, into this blog.

I almost never put a video into my blog, but I am so very impressed that I feel I must share this.

Please don't watch this only partially (or not at all) and leave me a comment. I ask you to watch it all the way through before you comment. This is on the honor system, so it's up to you and your conscience... but you'll find it's worthwhile and amazing. Perhaps after you see it, you may not wish to comment at all.


The Lazy Iguana said...

That is a lot of You Tube to watch.

I actually knew that Lebanon used to be a great place. It was indeed the Paris of the middle east. But it was destroyed in the 1980s.

And then just as it was recovering, the short war not too long ago blew it up again.

I think that the problem over there is on two sides that both think God gave them the land. There are elements in Israel that think all the land belongs to them. This is why there are always settlers that follow the army. They set up shop as quick as they can, so that the lands are then "Jewish" and then get the military to stay. This displaces refugees, who have no place to go, and who are then open up to becoming radicalized. And then once radicalized - they cause more problems which make Israel take even more land. Then more settlers move in.

I do not know if there is a way to "win" this one. We just have to pick our battles. I think containment is the name of the game here. Trying to wipe out 300 million people is just not going to be possible unless we drop el bomba grande. More than one really. Even if we can kill 10 million per nuke, it would take 30 to wipe out 300 million. And even then, there is no way to tell the bomb to only kill radicals and not touch anyone else or their property. The 300 million figure is the high end of the speakers own estimation. But even if we take her low end estimation and my figure of 10 million killed per bomb we are still talking 10 nukes.

And if we do not use nukes (which we should not) it is even possible to do this? 100 million is a large number.

I do not think it is possible. Containment is a more realistic possibility. And that is what we WERE doing in Iraq. Now the place is the wild west. No law, no order. Hussein did not run the ship the same way. Radicals were reigned in because they were a threat to his power. And NOBODY was allowed to be a threat to his power. Ask the Kurds about that. OH WAIT! You can't. He gassed them. With stuff we gave him to use on Iran but that is not the point.

The Heritage Foundation is...well you know. It is The Heritage Foundation. The question about the "liberal media and liberals being against everything" pretty much spells that out.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Oh yea - the speaker is right about the "moderates" having to take back their religion. If I could have it my way, I would do away with all religion with a wave of a magic wand. Then nobody would have any holy reason to kill anyone else. The radicals would have to invent a new excuse. But once you take God out of the picture, who really wants to live there in the first place? For the wonderful dust storms? So you can walk around all day with sand in your ass crack? YEA! I want to live there! Not.

Some of us still say "not" even if it went out of style in 1989. It will come back you know.

mal said...

It is not my intent here to comment on the right or wrong of the mess in the mid east. A very strong point from the interview (and it was long)
"Where is the peaceful Muslim majority?" My thought? I think they are taking counsel from the Volk Deutsche of the 1930's.

If Iran goes Nuclear, we will (not may) have to fight and the mid east will be a sea of glass

The Lazy Iguana said...

I think that Iran will not go nuclear. They will get hit before this can happen. Unless Pakistan sells them the bomb. Or North Korea.

daveawayfromhome said...

I tried Saur, I did, but I cant do it, it's just too long.
I'm not going to say that she's wrong, but she does have an axe to grind. I'm not going to say that the Muslims who made her life such a hell are not demons in human suits; because they are.
But America is too cheap to pay the price to fix this problem with soldiers the right way, and not brutal enough to fix this problem the wrong way. We had a despot of our own in the middle east, and he turned on us, as might have been expected.
The only real solution is to cut our dependence on, not just foriegn, but all oil. There isnt enough in the U.S. to last us much longer, and when you base your livelyhood on an outside resource, you make yourselves slaves to that resource. Right now we are all in thrall to the oil companies and the policies they need to keep our society's status quo.

One other thought: when you are surrounded by superior numbers of people who really want to kill you, what kind of person stays?

M@ said...

Lebanon sounds like a great place to live sometimes. Sometimes.

"We the Christians don't multiply as much."

Hmmm, that says it all, I think.

M@ said...

Okay, this is very interesting.

Scott said...

Wow, long video. Interesing stuff. Canada has the more former Lebanese citizens living in it than any other country in the world. During the last war Canada evacuated the Canadian citizens that were visiting there on several cruise ships because there were so many.

I think that the speaker has a lot to say and definately has some valid points, I do, however think that her numbers are pretty off and I fear that the more people in the West are taught to fear Muslims instead of trying to understand their faith and know that it is valid NOT THE RADICALS, but i say the same thing about CHRISTIAN RADICALS as well.

It is so sad that so many people are dying over there on a regular basis. I am not a Zionist and feel that there should be NO RELIGIOUS states at all, and that would go a long way to helping solve these problems.

And I don't think that anyone is going to Nuke Iran, just can't see it happening. I think we learned a lot as a people from Hiroshima and Nagasaki and I don't think that our leaders are remotely interested in dropping a nuke, well other than crazy George W.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Interesting and necessary. About the reaction both here and elsewhere-- A cliche-- There is none so blind as he (or she) who will not see. I'm afraid she is prophecying our future.