Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Senator Larry Craig

As most of you now know, Idaho Sen. Larry Craig was arrested for soliciting gay sex, pled guilty on a lesser charge, and the story didn't come out for three months. Now that it's come out, he's telling everyone that he's really not gay and, oh yeah, the only reason he kept it quiet is that it looked bad. He's really innocent: Yeah, that's it! Innocent!


Does even Craig think anyone is buying this? Even his poor wife, who was standing next to him during his press conference, doesn't seem to buy it. There she stood, in the obligatory Supportive Wife role, hiding behind massive sunglasses and saying nothing.

Another one bites the dust.

Republican or Democrat: Most politicians are so sleezy that you want to take a shower after you've spoken with them. I should know: I've dealt with plenty. And the neocons are exactly that: New Cons.

Craig is just another bad apple. It's time to toss him out of the barrel. Too bad the barrel's getting mighty empty come election time.


mal said...

Obviously the story has had some press around here (Twin Cities). It would be almost funny except it is another indictment of our politicians.

Who do I feel sorry for? The poor SOB that they assign to find these guys in the restrooms

Ed Abbey said...

I'm guessing the GOP will be pushing to get him out the door as soon as possible since Idaho is a strong Republican state and his seat is open in the 2008 election.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Who cares if he is gay? Does that suddenly make him a terrible Senator? How is his track record for the State so far? He was re-elected at least once right? But now he is a bad Senator just because he was looking for love in all the wrong places?

Of course, he was probably another "Ted Haggard" type. Preaching about how evil fags are and how the homosexual agenda was out to ruin America. By the way, what is the homosexual agenda? I Googled it and all I get are right wing crazy people sites saying there is an agenda and it is going to ruin America. But I can not find anything else. Platform details! Can I please get one platform detail? Like for example "The homosexual agenda seeks to require all men to get faggy haircuts and use as much hair product as possible". See, there is a platform detail. I am not sure how that will ruin America however. And where is the website for "Americans who support the homosexual agenda intended to ruin America"? I can find plenty of websites for the Environmental "Agenda". Just sayin.

Anyway - I have said this before and I will say it again. Beware of those who preach and pontificate and go on and on and on and on about "the fags". Men who are obsessed with gayness are most likely gay as can be themselves. Case and point - Ted Haggard. The reason they know so much about this mystery agenda is because they are in the club.

You may have heard of the Mayor for some town in Broward County. He is in the news all the time for his public comments. It seems he can not make a public speech without mentioning the menace of fags using public toilets. He knows EXACTLY what bathrooms are "gay", what signals to send off once in there, and the best times to go in order to score a hot date.

But he is not gay! OH NO! Not at all. He just knows how to score a hot gay date. But he has never picked up any.

It is all very suspicious to me. If you know that much about a subject, could it be due to "research"?

undergroundlogician said...

If anything, the Repubs as a group need to have a retreat and get in touch with their "inner conservatives." They are shifting more and more to the left to accommodate moderates. If they do it too much, they lose their base and become a minority party.

As to Mr. Craig, I agree. Jetison the space junk; he's just ballast that needs to go. If the Repubs are smart, they do it quick and decisively that will convince conservatives that they do not tolerate immoral behavior.

Yes, Lazy Iquana, homosexuality is aberrant and immoral, just like ANY pre-marital or extra-marital sexual activity. I pity his wife; what she has to put up with now is beyond my capacity to imagine. So sad.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Well, when one party wants to put itself on a moral high horse - it better be sure that it can stay there.

I am sure no Republicans ever had sex before they were married. Or cheat. Or do drugs. Or drink excessively. Or had secret abortions. Or whatever else. The right will be doing more house cleaning than anything else. If their voter block is going to be perfect people who never do anything "immoral" then they will be loosing a lot of elections. In all those red states, nobody ever gets drunk as a hoot owl. Or gets divorced. Or has sex just because it seems like the fun thing to do. They might SAY that they don't do any of the above, but I have been to Mississippi. There sure are a lot of bars for a State where everyone is too Christian to get drunk every day. And all the drug stores and supermarkets seem to stock a lot of birth control devices for them to not be selling.

The neo-cons have already become a minority party. Their base is about all they have left, and at best that is 10% of the population. But since not everyone who can vote does, it works out to about 30% of voters. They have just not realized this yet. Pandering to only your base only gets you so far.

This is why everyone tries to be a moderate come election time. Even if hysterical pill popping right wing talk radio addicts claim that moderates are wishy-washy and can never make up their minds about anything.

undergroundlogician said...

You are arguing beside the point, LI. Certainly the Repubs can, for the sake of political expediency, wink at this and other immoral positions besides those taken in bathrooms. The problem is, the large part of its base will not shift or wink at this. If you suggest that the Repubs need to wink or toe tap to keep in power, then it's a party I don't want to be in. I'll join a minority part and raise hell!

The Lazy Iguana said...

What I am saying is "who cares". I am not gay, and to be honest I do not care who is. It seems that it is the people who think that all this faggery and butt buggery is so awful are the ones obsessed with the whole scene.

The rest of us simply do not care. But hey - if you want to obsess over who is gay and just how gay they are it is not going to really bug me. In fact, it will not effect me at all.

I am far more concerned about real issues that will effect me than I am over who has a hot date with George Michael tonight. Are you jealous or something?

Kathleen said...

I agree with Mal. I pity the poor cop who's beat is the "potty patrol." I say flush him.

mckay said...

this post made me wonder...if you could pick your dream team of top federal gov't leaders, who would you pick?

Scott said...

Why is it illegal to ask some guy in the bathroom if he wants sex? Do they patrol for this kind of thing in hetero situations or is it just a 'gay hunt'? Just curious.

Who cares that the guy is gay or not. What they should care about is his politics and his history.

I am sure that he will resign soon though, better that than getting fired by the Party right?

Saur♥Kraut said...

Scott, you know, that's an EXCELLENT question. I was wondering that, myself. I don't care a bunny's butt if he's gay or not, truthfully ... but it's the salicious nature of it, and the fact that he's cheating on his wife that bothers ME. As for why you can't solicit sex in a bathroom: My guess is that it's OK to do that, but not OK to have it in the bathroom... and his argument should've been that he never intended to have it in the bathroom! After all, he never even got to kissing the guy, right? This is one of those weird legal areas to ME...

McKay, What annother EXCELLENT question! I don't have a list, but some of my top faves would be Fred Thompson, Joe Lieberman, and Tom Tancredo.

Everyone else, I will reply more when I can

Three Score and Ten or more said...

You have posed the idea that all politicians are sleazy an number of times. I have got to disagree with you. I have worked in politics much of my life (just as a peon) but I have know a bunch of politicians at all levels of government. Most people get into politics for noble reasons and try to do good stuff. It is true that there is much in government that encourages sleaze, ranging from people who will bribe up and down the line, and a lot of hard to resist temptation comes along, but most politicians are good folks. I will say that local politicians tend to be sleazier than most, but generalizations about morality whether tossed at the right or the left are pretty hard to prove- - or even back up in any other way. Of course the media jumps on anyone who shows signs of sleaze and implies that everyone in his or her party (either side, but conservatives most often) is the same as the one sleazy example.