Monday, January 14, 2008

Saur & The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Quarter

There's a kid's book called "Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." Mine has stretched into 3 months. Now that doesn't mean that the sky is falling. I'm not ruined or destitute. I'm not ready to sell everything and live like a hermit in a cave.


But the economy is affecting my particular industry, and it's affecting it quite horribly. And losing my so-called 'friend' was very saddening. The friend I'm speaking of is the one that I mentioned here. To make it even worse, I will share something with you that I hadn't shared before: It's my old friend and assistant, Zen Buddhist. The fact that my friendship and help meant so little to her has been very, very disheartening.

My sales aren't horrible, but I went through a very dry period.

In addition to struggling sales, there has been a guy (in the company that I do business with) who is determined to undermine me as much as he possibly can. And that's a lot.

This guy has repeatedly done what he could to covertly take business away from me, and has openly told people who work for him that this is to be standard procedure.

Why doesn't he like me? Without getting into it too much, I'll simply say that I was very popular, highly efficient, and had placed over $50 million in sales with the company. He apparently views this as threatening and rather uppity for a woman. I can't help my gender or my efficiency.

I also can't help being well-liked. In fact, so many people (in that company) like me that he once joked that I was becoming a placement service for all his disenfranchised employees. It's true: I find good people good jobs once they leave.

But I can't find the right job for me. Yet.

Also I'm tired of being used and so many people have come to the well that it's almost dry now.

Should I have known better? Perhaps. But there are always the bright and shining moments, the loyal friends who remember, and golden times spent with people who are truly of value.

My current difficulty is finding time to get everything done. Right now I'm working double time to keep my head above water, and I'm getting so tired of treading. I'm beginning to think it's time to look into a part time job, which will supplement my income and get me out of the house again.

But what?

I thought of bartending (even though I rarely drink and am allergic to cigarette smoke) or doing something menial in retail. Frankly, I have degrees that I don't find to be of value. Companies see the degrees and experience and immediately think I'm overqualified.

Perhaps I am.

But if I'm overqualified, then what is my other option? What does someone with a vast portfolio do for work at the age of 41?

I don't know anymore.

But I know my life is crazy wonderful.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Look into public sector jobs. Or maybe get in with a consulting firm that does business with the local government. The consultants need people who know what is going on - or who can at least fake knowing what is going on.

Uncle Joe said...

I agree with what he said. that reptile guy before me.
I figured you were having some sort of trouble.
This proves you should only be friends with bloggers..

Saur♥Kraut said...

Uncle Joe, :D There is something in what you say. Fellow bloggers are kind of fringe-element, wouldn't you say? We're all reaching out to people who aren't like anything we can find around us because WE are so different. Yeah, Lazy's very bright!

Lazy, Great idea - but public sector jobs don't pay much (I used to be in them - and the titles are prestigious but the pay was poor). HOWEVER - perhaps something I haven't tried yet... The US Postal Service? So when I go nuts I can truly be going postal...? I am going to take the Spanish courses offered through The Rosetta Stone in the hopes that being bilingual will open doors. I won't be PERFECTLY bilingual, but something's better than nothing...?

The Lazy Iguana said...

Saur - there are good paying government jobs. Personally I would go with the DMV - so that you never actually have to work. You know how the DMV works. VERY slowly. Perfect. You get paid the same no matter how few people get in and out of the place.

There are managerial positions that open up from time to time. Usually they want degrees and a lot of experience in something. I would look into those. You may also be able to slip into a level 1 administrative job. Or what the heck, apply directly to a County / City Commissioner or the Mayor to work on their staff. Political appointments go through a different process than regular jobs. If they like you, you are in. They find the money in their budget as if by magic. The problem is that when someone is unelected you are out a job. But you can sometimes jump ship to somewhere else. You get to know a lot of people working for a Mayor or Commissioner. This is one doorway to a consulting job. The other is to become a department head or get elected.

I am about as fringe as you can get.

Uncle Joe said...

Saur for Mayor!

M@ said...

I hate being overqualified!

mckay said...

saur, kudos to you for staying friendly and polite in the face of such back stabbiness. i know you'll find what you're looking for - you're bright, resourceful and determined. i don't have any suggestions, but i can be a good cheerleader :0)


Aunt Jo said...

I would suggest ebay...buuuuuttttt. :o)