Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shallow Women

As I wrote yesterday, I'm enjoying Ex Boyfriend Jewelry right now. I have some items posted, and I've already sold 4 items. Unlike Ebay, they charge nothing and the service and comraderie are free and fun.

However, I shudder to see the women who post trashy statements like this one:

Ok, check this out! I'm dating this dude, and he turned out crazy, we broke up, and he bought himself an new car..thinking he'd get me back! SIKE! Later, I decide to go out on ONE final date (i really just wanted to ride in the new car! It was sweet!) ..Anyway! Then after dinner, he decides he's gonna give me a "gift" and it was this BEAUTIFUL diamond ring with biggets on it and everything...but it was too big! lol! I've NEVER worn it, and I've had it since Christmas '07. So...I'm tryin to sell it! I do know it's worth $4,500!


Not only are her grammar and spelling poor (does she really think that 'psych' is spelled 'sike'?! What does she think 'sike' means?) but the entire thing is bathed in the putrescent glow of overweening vanity.

Does she really think we buy the story? It makes no sense at all. One wonders what the true story is behind it.

Then there are the unimaginative women like the one who writes:

from no bueno ex-husband

Uh, yeah... don't trouble yourself to play by the rules by explaining the situation. And what's up with the Meximerican? No habla anglais?

But the posts are often worth the read, and I have already met some very cool women who have become instant penpals. And, best of all, I've sold some things that I would never have sold otherwise!

On Friday: Back to politics.


daveawayfromhome said...

How much of this stuff is legit?

Saur♥Kraut said...

Daveawayfromhome, I don't know. I know that MY stuff is legit.

I think there's one scammer there already. She has a story of how she and her boyfriend supposedly owned a jewelry biz together, he bailed on her, and she's having to sell the jewelry 'at cost'. Her 'at cost' prices are suspiciously retail to ME and quite high. It just doesn't ring true.

But there are some that ARE genuine - and some stories that really sadden you. But there are also positive ones such as the one that goes:

The boyfriend did not last, but the jewelry still remains. Must of been a guilt present because he left me one month latter. The good news is that when one door closes, another one opens. I married my best friend :-)

It gives you hope...

Uncle Joe said...

Looks like you found your nitch!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Unca Joe, aw HECK no. :P *phhhtttbbtt*

The Lazy Iguana said...

So....what crap are you selling there?? No links to the stuff??

I am off the hook forever now. YOU said stainless steel counts as "jewelry". So now I can just buy a bunch of stainless steel stuff! You know, bolts and screws and propellers and stuff.

And then if I hear "what the hell is this?!?" Ill just send her to this blog and say "a well known jewelry expert in Tampa says this is jewelry". And if I get some crap about it being "just hardware" Ill say "would an emerald bolt be just hardware?".

And if worse comes to worse, Ill take it all back. I can ALWAYS use the hardware at some point in time. Ill find more stuff that needs to be installed on the boat. Give me time.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lazy, nah. I'm too modest to share my sordid stories. ;o) Here's a great link for the stainless jewelry. Of course there are scads more.

If a girl is more worried about how pure the gold is (and not how pure the heart is), then she's not worth having, anyway.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I think I have dated that woman...


The Lazy Iguana said...

Where did you find this site from??? You sure do know how to pick winners!!

From an actual item description:

"The item that you are interested is a silver stainless steel rings with the chess board design. Chess is a old games but it is popular for several century. The wide of the ring is 6mm. You must have this item for your fashion accessories collection."

The wide of this ring? Chess is a old games? Popular for several century?

You don't say.

Somewhere out there is a web page developer who needs to go back to 4th grade English to brush up on subject-verb agreement :)

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lazy, ah yes, amusing... isn't it? ;o) I think (sadly) that it's representational of most of America's literacy now. :P

Mr. Fabulous, I wouldn't be surprised. You have had your share of stories. :D

Fred said...

I used to be in politics. Someday I'll write about it.

M@ said...

That stoopid young woman's real name is probably Burt. Or Dave.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I like the stainless steel / carbon fiber stuff.

But rings on a boat are a HORRIBLE idea. I have some photos of what could happen.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I went to the site. I'm am a heavy jewelry buyer, but somehow I couldn't get into it. I guess youhave to --- well nevermind.

Saur♥Kraut said...

3 Score & 10+, Yeah, you have to be a woman, I think. It's a female kinda thing. But women are usually the ones buying the jewelry anyway.

I DID find a guy who'd posted a wedding set because she broke off the engagement and he needed the money (he was in a motorcycle accident) but the BUYERS would need to be women, I'm thinking.

Lazy, Oh yeah! NO jewelry should be on a boat. If someone goes overboard, you don't want to be wearing anything that would flash. Sharks LOVE flashy things. And then you're also dealing with stuff that could get caught and rip off a part of you along with it. No thanks!

m@, I doubt it. She sounds like the typical vacuous young woman.

Fred, Please let me know when you do! ;o) Yeah, you gave it the old college try, though...

Jamie Dawn said...


I'm toadally siked.


Bee Repartee said...

Personally, I don't like bigget diamonds. Markey or cabbyshot ones are like, so last-year-ex-boyfriendish.

I don't know about you but prances cut is my very favorite, like 2 carrot VVS (Very Very Siked)

Let me know if you are selling safefire rings. I love those.