Monday, April 07, 2008

The Great Parental Dog Search

This weekend, Dad and Mom decided to do a little shopping. Dad shot us kids a letter about it, and I thought I'd share it with you. I've written about their dog, Dogzilla, before.

After breakfast today we thought we'd go to the humane society and see if there might be a suitable playmate there for Dogzilla. We did this and found the usual collection of mournful pit bull mixes, Shepherd mixes, retired greyhounds (which I DO like, but they are not very compatible with small dogs, which they instinctively chase, I'm told) and a male Lhasa Apsa named Jack. Jack seemed nice enough, but had the largest instrument that I have ever seen on a small dog. Maybe on any dog. Perhaps he should have been named Dick. Well, anyway, like all dogs they offer, he was missing part of his apparatus, since had been neutered when he was brought in, by a lady who alleged that he was a lapdog who she had become too ill to care for. Myself, I think he had been a stud in his former life.

The volunteer, a very nice young man, suggested that we bring Dogzilla in to see how they got along, so we did that. Dogzilla did not like the place. She liked Jack even less, who continually attempted to seduce her. This suggested that it would be a bad idea to leave them alone together in the future -- I mean that Jack, who was about half Dogzilla's size and much less vicious, would probably end up dead. Not wishing to confront the accompanying mess, we decided against Mr. Longfellow.

So, once again we are a monocaninous family. Having familial examples of bi and even tricanonomy before our eyes, we may revisit the matter in North Carolina, when we have more time, including more time to supervise the acclimation process.

(Of course *I* am the one with the three dogs.) I have tried to persuade Mom and Dad to get another. However, finding a playmate for Dogzilla seems to be a difficult task. Does anyone have any suggestions of breeds that might be more compatible?

Incidentally, we think Dogzilla is a bulldog/Cairn terrier mix - but who knows? All I know is she has a flaky temperment and big jaws.


Paul said...

About pets, my dad gave us some very wise counsel when we were growing up. More than once he said, "One is enough."

Over the years, we've learned he was right.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I suggest a bobcat. Dogzilla will only try a bobcat once.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hahaha, I love the description about Mr Longfellow ... and his name. Your father sounds like a wonderful person, full of humour.

Hope you are well, and huge, huge, huge apologies for not being around more often.

Good luck to your parents in the hunt for a playmate for Dogzilla !!

Take care, Meow

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Pretty picky about who her friends are I see. I say let her be, I had a dog for 15 years and it was always me, my sister and the kids around the way who brought him the biggest joy by playing with him.

Deb said...

Flaky temperment and big jaws are two things that frighten me. In people AND in dogs.