Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to Handle the Problem of Female Suicide Bombers

In this article on female suicide bombers by the Strategic Studies Institute, Debra Zedalis writes "Suicide bombers are today's weapon of choice. An action that was once so surprising...has now become the daily fare of the nightly news."

For some, the choice to use women as walking homicidal grenades is startling. After all, in January 2002, Hamas (a prominent terrorist organization) declared that it renounced using women in that fashion. However, over the years, Hamas has changed their position. In addition, Saudi Arabia has now sanctioned it as well through a fatwa issued in August 2001.

Ironically, these human grenades are portrayed as 'martyrs' by their leadership. Such romanticizing of murderers is hardly surprising, when you think of the groupies that are also attracted to such serial killers as Ted Bundy and others. This means that we are facing a swelling number of devoted murderers who are happy to strap a bomb under their skirt.

Let's face it - using women makes sense in so many ways: They have voluminous robes to conceal weaponry and they are seen as relatively harmless, as most people have a somewhat idealized picture of the female of the species.

However, historians have long understood that Muslim women were a force to be reckoned with. In the 1800s during the Mahdist War, a British soldier once wrote of his military's encounter with Muslim women, saying that the Muslim men turned the prisoners over to the women, who were expert torturers. He added that it was better to be left in the hands of the men rather than be given to the women.

So now that Muslim women are once again becoming equal to their men, how should the military regard them? One soldier said that it was impossible to screen Muslim women in Iraq (thus implying that the military is doomed if female suicide bombers become de rigeur).

First, let me say that I don't approve of the war overseas. However, I also don't approve of murderers and these Muslim terrorists certainly are murderous.

If the military refuses to get out right now, then their other alternative is to realize that what was working before isn't working now. They only have a couple of options, really: One is to treat all men and women with equal suspicion. However, a female bomber could get much closer than a male bomber before it would be apparent that she was carrying.

The only other option would be for the military to demand that women begin to don the same garb as their male counterparts. After all, if the Muslims are beginning to finally see women as equal, perhaps this should be reflected in their dress as well. Muslim women could opt out of this by avoiding the peacekeeping forces altogether.

It's rather ironic that there is such an increase in these bombers, as Muhammed specifically decreed in the Koran "And do not kill yourself, for God is indeed merciful to you." He also proclaimed "He who drinks poison and kills himself will carry his poison in his hand and drink it in Hell for ever and ever."

These bombers may not know this, as many of them are illiterate. They are, perhaps, kept so deliberately in order to make them more malleable.

In my opinion, though, the governments in the civilized world have also come to value a lack of education among their masses. And, as we know, those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. This allows the governments to manipulate us as they will, and only profits the governments while bestowing upon the average citizen no good whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

I say let them blow themselves up. Hand them the weapons. Only rule is they have to have it on the outside of their clothes when they blow people up. If there are fewer women to re-produce in these places, then they will strategically reduce their numbers.


Ed Abbey said...

I refuse to use the term suicide bomber. Everyone should refer to them for what they really are, homicide bombers.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Violence is part of their religion, no amount of education can help that, not until everyone is a Muslim will the war be over.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Daniel, No doubt.

Ed, I thought long and hard about it. Here's why I disagree. A homicide bomber is ANYone who is bombing others with the intent to kill them. A suicide bomber is also killing themselves along with others, and there is no doubt that the intent is suicide as well as homicide.

Knot, ...except that if they have it on the OUTside of their clothes it defeats their purpose. They're happy being miserable as long as they can make others miserable as well. Plain suicide isn't what their goal is.

Ed Abbey said...

I respect that you disagree and I do agree that their intent is both suicide and homicide. But I think their main intent is homicide with suicide just a minor part so therefore, I still prefer to stick with their main intent, a homicide bombing making them a homicide bomber.

But in the end, it really isn't worth debating. They are pretty low on society's totem pole.