Friday, August 01, 2008

Sweetbay Sushi & New Age Drinks

There's a new supermarket in town, called Sweetbay. They are as good as any other chain, from what I can see. Most importantly, they carry New Age Drinks (as you can see below).

What is this, Swami in a Can?

Anyway, whatever New Age Drinks are, they've got 'em.

Even better than New Age Drinks is Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, known in my circle as Food of The Gods. And yes, Sweetbay has plenty of that. Truthfully, I could exist on only Ben & Jerry's if I had to make that sacrifice. However, I know better: I might as well get a trowel and cake it onto my hips, because that's where it lingers.

So, yesterday I figured I had nothing for lunch and I was going to eat healthy. I wandered by their deli, which was stocked with all sorts of classic deli goodies, ranging from fried chicken to pasta salads, when I saw their sushi.

Now, I know that you should never buy sushi in a supermarket: I really do. But I was tempted to merely look at it longingly. So, I picked up a tray, and then did a double take.

The sushi was furry.

Not only furry, but it was developing a life of it's own. I could see colonies, government buildings, and unemployment lines. Civilization had arrived in the deli.

"Um, miss?" I tentatively said, waving the tray in the direction of the woman behind the counter.

The woman looked at me impatiently. "Yes?" she asked unwillingly.

"Er, your sushi is fuzzy," I announced.

The other people in line stepped back a bit.

"Oh?" she said, "I doubt it!"

"Well, doubt no longer," I said. "Here you go!"

She took the tray reluctantly, peering into it's depths. "Where?" she demanded. "I don't see it!"

"There," I said, pointing to their U.N. building. "They seem to have established colonies."

"Eh?" she said, blinking at me in puzzlement, and then looking once more at the sushi tray. "Well, OK, I'll tell the sushi chef."

"You do that," I said. "And," I added helpfully, "You might want to let him know that sushi is supposed to be made daily."

Still, overall I would recommend Sweetbay. It's not as good as Publix, but as long as it's nothing that they're producing in the deli, your chances of avoiding food poisoning is as good there as anywhere. I think we can hardly expect more from a supermarket than this.

Perhaps that's not a ringing endorsement, but as we all know, the FDA is almost criminally negligent, so it's every man for themselves.


Paul Nichols said...

When we visit Jacksonville and Atlanta, Publix is one of our favorite places. I always plan a meal for our hosts, just so I can shop for everything at Publix.

United We Lay said...

We aways found The Fresh Market to have fresh sushi, and we will occasionally get it at the supermarket here, because they have a sushi chef that comes in twice a day. Now tha you mention it, my mom has the baby for the weekend, and now I want to go out and get some sushi!

Ed Abbey said...

I've never been tempted to buy sushi in a supermarket and you've just reinforced that for me.

Bee Repartee said...

I don't eat sushi for this very reason. Good lord, fuzzy?

I love that sign. I feel enlightenment every time I eat ice cream but seriously, who doesn't?

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

New Age Beverages are for hippies!

Death to all hippies!

The Lazy Iguana said...

No pictures of new age drinks?? Come on! That was a give me!

I would have put the new age drinks in the same isle as the soap and deodorant. For reasons mentioned in the above comment......

I have eaten sushi from Publix. But only because I saw some Asian dude wearing a Samurai style head band making it. It was OK.

Saur♥Kraut said...

The Lazy Iguana, I just happened to find a pic of Swami in a Can. ;o)

Sushi from Publix is OK. But that's all it is.

Daniel, I still have yet to figure out what a New Age Drink is(?)

Bee, fuzzy, and not the warm-and-fuzzy type fuzzy. Even the avocado was... well, it wasn't the color an avocado in sushi should be. It was bleached of color, it had sat under the lights for so long.

I know what you mean about enlightenment.

Ed, Follow your instincts. And try Swami in a Can.

UWL, NOTHING beats good sushi.

Paul, I adore Publix, I really do. Their bakery is better than ANY chain's bakery, and they're always so CLEAN.

daveawayfromhome said...

"Perhaps that's not a ringing endorsement, but as we all know, the FDA is almost criminally negligent, so it's every man for themselves."

As long as we elect people to government who think that the government doesnt work, then the government will never work. Think of it like your job search; would you work (or do any kind of business at all) at a place that hired you even though they didnt think you could do the job? Would you hire someone to work at your business who, at their interview, told you "your business cant possibly succeed."?

Which is totally off subject.

I've found that I have to go to about 3 or 4 different grocery stores to buy the various foodstuffs which we eat at our house. These two have lousy produce, but good bread, this one has good bagels but lousy prices (except for the never-ending ice-cream sales), this one has the beer I like, this one's just plain cheap if they have waht you need.

R2K said...

: )

Uncle Joe said...

That swami guy looks like one of the Osmonds.
more like Osmond Brother in a Can.

Aunt Jo said...

Maybe it was artic fish.