Friday, October 10, 2008

Furry Interlude: Our Pinny-poo

Let's take a break from politics for a moment. Some of you may remember the abused puppy I rescued from a shelter in December 2006. He was nicknamed "Oscar" by my fellow bloggers at the time:

He's now 2 to 2 1/2 years old and, although he's still scared of strangers, he's a completely different animal. He's happy, he adores my other two dogs, and he's probably one of the best dogs I've ever had.

He's got an incredible personality: Very loving, loyal, and yet playful. He has a few bad habits, but they're nothing serious. We've determined he's a pinny-poo (part mini-pinscher, part poodle) and he has the hunting instincts of the mini-pin. Squirrels drive him mad with desire.

He is a rare dog that is very still when he's snuggling with you: There is no turning, chewing, biting, or paw sucking. There is a deep well of calmness that he seems to draw from.

He will come running up during the day, almost like a child, for a quick kiss or a pat on the head. Otherwise, he plays with the smaller of my two dogs or will tuck himself away on my couch for a nap.

He is now groomed regularly, and he keeps himself very clean. Here is Oscar now:


The Doozie said...

I love it when people rescue pets. I'm first!!!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Doozie, Yay! Firsties!

He is such a sweetheart! It's so hard to describe, but he is so adorable, and he loves to come sidling up to you and just plunk down next to you and gaze up at you as if you're Mother Teresa. ;o)

Uncle Joe said...

Well I know Doozie is NOT Mother Teresa if that's what you were implying. lol.

That dog looks wise.

Anonymous said...

Oh something uplifting, I remember you posting when you got him. Glad to see he is doing so well. I have two min pins myself, some of the smartest but most stubborn dogs I have ever met. I love their personalities though.

I also work with a pit bull rescue so on a daily basis I see the horrors of what people do to dogs, but it always so rewarding when our pups get adopted.


Saur♥Kraut said...

Ange, How interesting! I never knew that about you! Yeah, from what I've read, he has a great deal of the classic mini-pin personality. But he's mixed with poodle and so he doesn't shed. What's funny is how amazingly soft his head, ears, and spine are - like a chenille blanket. And the rest of his hair is coarse, like a little potbelly pig.

Uncle Joe, I think that she'd be the first to admit that. ;o) He is VERY wise. He is so smart, too. I was truly surprised because I've never had a dog as...canny as this one!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Dogs are dumb and they smell bad.

Fred the fat orange cat is not dumb and does not smell bad. He never needs a bath. He only bites you if you piss him off.

3 out of 4 cats currently living here were rescued from the street. The 4th one (actually the second most senior cat) was rescued from a box that said "free kittens" some lady was sitting next to at the Publix. Fred was found at the same Publix, only he was not in a box that said "free kittens", he was running around in the parking lot - covered in grease - and soaked from the rain.

The "free kittens" box cat turned out to be the meanest.

daveawayfromhome said...

I would really like to have a dog that didnt shed... unless it's a poodle. Your dog looks great, and I love a calm dog.

My wife is a cat magnet. Every cat we have just showed up one day. She tries to resist, but so far has been unable. Fortunately it doesnt happen too often.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That's a swell-looking dog, Saur. Nice rescue....

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lazy, ;o) Well, poor little Fred doesn't sound like a good catch. But it's always interesting how much animals differ in temperment and personality!

Dave, I love cats, but am horrifically allergic to them, so I have to love them from afar. This little guy's a great dog, if you can find one like him. Almost any poodle mix is great, but do stay away from malti-poos. They are yappy and annoying.

My female is a malti-poo and she endears herself to men by jumping in their laps, flirting with them, and generally looking adorable. But she has a stubborn streak, likes to do things her way no matter how well the others behave, and was so yappy at one time that I almost gave her away. And I don't give animals away.

Old Hoss, Thanks! He surely is a great addition to the clan. ;o)

Fred said...

Wonderful to get such a nice update on Oscar. He's a beautiful dog.

The Missus traps feral cats and has them checked for diseases then tries to find a home for them if possible. Every so often, she wants to keep one, but with four of them already, I think we have enough,

Jamie Dawn said...

Oscar looks happy and healthy. You rescued that poor, little feller, and I'm sure he loves you to pieces for it.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Fred is very nice. So long as you do not piss him off, causing him to bite.

But really - if I could get away with biting people who pissed me off, my blood pressure would be a lot lower!!!

Emil said...

Judging from the first picture to where he is now, it seems he has found a wonderful home. I think if animals were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the devil in human form! A person's integrity is never more fully tested than when he has power over a voiceless creature. The route from pulling of the wings of a fly to gassing people is arguably short!

You have done a great thing!

Becca said...

Wow, he looks like a completely different dog. Good for you for taking him in :)

Danielle Miller said...

I have a mini pinny poo (mini pinscher and toy poodle).
she is the best dog Ive ever had. she is exactly like a child. The squirrels around the house drive her absolutely nuts, she will cry for a longg time till they run.

Hannah said...

Hi there! I have a pinny-poo also! they are such great dogs. Mine came from the pound. I would like to hear some more about your pinny-poo!

Anonymous said...

my charlie piiny poo shares same traits-they are very very good dogs. but one day i gave a rib bone and he showed teeth and agressivenss he never shown before
does oscae do the same?