Saturday, December 09, 2006

The New Puppy

Yes, I know he doesn't look like much right now. In fact, he looks like the lead in "Werewolves of London." But he has a sweet heart and a sweet spirit. I got him in an animal shelter in a nearby town because it's very hard to find poodle mixes.

He's only 4 months old, and already he has learned much about the cruelty of humans. He cowers when you raise your hand and he shakes uncontrollably (despite the fact that he has a clean bill of health and little reason to react that way). He's emaciated and gratefully ate little bits of puppy chow and ice chips out of my hands last night.

Despite his fear, malnourishment and abuse, the shelter also altered him (they have to, it's their policy). So in addition to all the baggage he's carrying, he's carrying a little ... er ... less, so to speak. And he's in pain from that, too.

Remember the dog that didn't bark in one of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries? This dog also doesn't bark or cry, even though I left him alone all night. My other two dogs would have cried all night long. This is yet another indication of abuse.

My two healthy, hearty, happy dogs are frolicking about, trying to get a glimpse of the new stranger that is living in one of the bathrooms. But this little guy has to stay in isolation for a week, while he calms down and has a chance to heal and start packing on a little weight. He also desperately needs a bath, which I can't give him for a week (until his surgery heals). He had been lying in his own urine on a cold concrete floor at the shelter for days.

So why did his original owners give him up? Yesterday I found out that they had actually given up two puppies! Their reason: They were moving and didn't want to bother taking them along. Despite all the trauma, these puppies were lucky. Some people shouldn't be allowed to be pet owners.

The other puppy left the day before and I rescued mine yesterday. Now these little guys will get all the food, love, and attention that they so desperately need.


Aunt Jo said...

Oooooh! Can we name him for you??

He will come around to your kind attention and be a little bundle of joy soon.

He has the saddest eyes....

Anonymous said...

I have always been an avid animal lover for as long as I can remember. And as Animal lover, I cannot see the cruelty of humans.

Give him a warm, soft bed in a quiet corner of the house where he can go when he feels overwhelmed or just wants to be quiet.

Teach him to play. He may very well have completely lost that natural knowledge because of his sad history, so it will be up to you to help him regain that part of his nature.

And the most important parts of all are patience and love. Strangely enough, these dogs that are rescued like your little feller, with loving patience, often turn into some of the best personal companions of all.

Good luck with your puppy..
Jason Homan

R2K said...

Cute guy, but I must say I am not a fan of fancy breeds: I think it is cruel to breed dogs away from the hardy (if not attractive) form into something that we would enjoy visually, but which might reduce their ability to enjoy life as a dog.

If your dog doesnt look like a big hunk of scrappy mut, or like a wolf, it means he was genetically modified (how many of you support that?) by people to look better regardless of what it does to his health or fitness.

slopmaster said...

I love it when people adopt dogs. I wouldn't because I only want cute ones that I can use to get girls. After they get old, its off to the pound for them.

Christine said...

He has my heart already, Saur.
How blessed he is to have you, Saurkid and his new doggie pals.
He will be frolicking, licking, smiling and feeling secure in no time.
I'm familiar with the poodle rescue you talk about. One of my colleagues adopted from there a few years ago...another pup who was born in a puppy mill.
What a noble and wonderful thing. Congratulations and Merry Christmas! You've given yourself quite a gift.

Anonymous said...

My first impression was that he WAS cowering there and I just want to scoop him into my arms. Those faces were designed by nature to have that affect on us.

My opinion: you're not a good American if you don't like dogs. I once had a dog that we left outside of an urban grocery store for a few minutes where, we think, he was terrorized by some little African American boys.

We always wondered why he'd either cower or bark when he saw black people. It was kind of embarrasing. Then one day we're passing this little boy and his mother and I hear, "An ALL black dog--I LIKE that!"

Anyway, this brings back memories.

~QZ~ said...

i hate cruelty to animals, i hate stupid people who get animals and can't or won't take care of them, i want to neuter all people who do that. my son wants to grow up to be an animal rescue person. thats what i love about you could afford an expensive breed, but you rescue him instead, and i think more people should do that.

The Lazy Iguana said...

r2k - I fully support genetic modification! I have zebra fish that are bright pink, their DNA modified with jellyfish DNA to make them that funky color (they can not reproduce, the lab creates them that way so nobody can breed them and undersell them). And my cats are much smaller than tigers - and not really the same color either. I do have a fat orange cat but he lacks the black stripes.

The black dog looks like a mix, not a pure breed. More than likely, whatever problems are specific to poodles will not effect him.

Saur - my brother found a little white with some black spots dog which my parents have now. That little dog was abused as well. He recovered somewhat, but he is still afraid of me - and he is not really too thrilled about people he does not know. The dog is scared of me because I used to get ordered to do things to the dog he hated, like giving him a bath, cramming medication down him, and so on. Everyone else just did nice things to him - so guess who the bad guy was.

Senor Caiman said...


He is so cute.

My Smellie recently passed away. She had been abused and wanted nothing to do with me at first but after about a month I couldn't even go to the bathroom by myself.

He is lucky to have found you.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Saur, Bet he'll be a totally different puppie after a few days with you

Looks generally frightened insecure (and mistreated),
a few days with you and the kid should have him confidently bouncing full of beans. But hopefully he won't start barking or yapping too much - only to strangers or unwelcome guests. lol!

You deserve a blessing, and
a great Xmas for your good deed!

Wishing you a mighty fine weekend!

Anonymous said...

Poor little thing. He is truely heart-breaking. I trust he will heal in your kind care, but for now I feel angry that he was so neglected.

Grrrrr is all i have to say.

EmmaSometimes said...

oh, the poor little guy...

he doesn't know it but I think he got the best Christmas present ever!! :o)

Jenn said...

I never understand people's reasoning that moving is a reason to get rid of their dog. Some people should not be allowed to own pets.

Mr. Fabulous said...

That is so awesome of you. The little guy will have a good life now. Bless you!

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Poor baby.

mckay said...

hmmmm, i thought you were puppy shopping for a friend??? you are a sucker!

the good kind! congrats on the addition to your family.