Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Continuing Vision Problems

I am so sorry - I hate not being able to interract with you. But my vision problems continue from the Lasik Eye Surgery. My left eye's vision is blurry and I'm seeing double: It's as if you are viewing everything through a window pane which has been smeared with Vaseline.

My right eye is swollen half shut with an on-going infection.

This is my third Lasik eye correction. The first one didn't improve my vision significantly, so about a month later they corrected it again to 20/15.

Three years later, my vision began to deteriorate to 20/40. This type of deterioration is common, and something that the Lasik industry doesn't like to talk about. Most patients give up at this point, and resign themselves to glasses. Contacts aren't usually a good option, as a side effect of Lasik is dry eyes (another symptom the Lasik industry glosses over).

Some patients go back for a further correction, as I did.

I'm not happy with the consequences of my decision so far. I'm still touch-typing, as I can't see this screen very well. This is why I've refrained from posting.

Bear with me.


Ed Abbey said...

You aren't the only one I've heard that has had complications which is why I still wear contacts daily. Hopefully you recover fully. Don't worry about those of us faithful to your writings as we will surely be here when you are better.

The Lazy Iguana said...

You are right. They do not disclose side effects.

Good thing you do!!!!

Ill keep my contacts.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Get well Saur.

Kathleen said...

Saur, so sorry to hear this news. I don't know where you went, but two of my friends had great results for Dr. Uptegraff (SP?). Get well soon.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Best wishes Saur. We await your next serious issues post with bated breath.

krok9876 said...


Wow that's some bad luck there fo sho. I hope they can fix it some how. I guess I got lucky with mine.

If you need me to write some blogs on race relations you just let me know.

Kathleen, I can't believe you are still alive. How old are you now?

Fred said...

Hope it's all straightened out soon.