Friday, June 26, 2009

Mark Sanford Gets Lucky

After reading the title of this post, you could arguably say that Sanford already "got lucky", which is why he's in such a pail of hot water.

But Sanford got even luckier: Both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died yesterday. Talk about a twofer! The news was about nothing but celeb deaths, and Sanford's little pecadillo was swept under the rug.

For now.

Rabbit Trail Alert: You know what's odd? I googled Sanford's wife and she was not pretty. She's gaunt, and looks older than her years. Her complexion is pasty, her coloring poor. Then I googled Sandford's mistress, and I have to say the man didn't stray far - his mistress looks like a younger version of his wife.

OK, back to my original post. The rabbit has been coralled.*

In my opinion, Sanford's SNAFU needs to be covered more, while the celeb deaths need to be covered less. Sanford has or could potentially affect all of us through his politics, but what does it matter if Fawcett or Jackson are dead?

Fawcett is known for her red-hot swimsuit poster that lived in the rooms of young boys everywhere throughout the 70s. She was also known for her poor acting ability and her breathless role as Jill in Charlie's Angels.

Jackson was known for his singing talent and molestation of children.

Neither is a great loss as a human being, although there is no doubt that both contributed to American pop culture.

But I am concerned that we are getting so used to politicians being slimy that we may collectively sigh "Ah, well... What's next?"

If a man can cheat on his wife, it tells you what kind of man he is. I said it about Bill Clinton, and I'm saying it about Mark Sanford. When a man is willing to lie to and cheat on his wife, we can be sure that we'll fare no better if it's in his interest to do so.

Additionally, it appears that Sanford may have used taxpayer's funds to carry on his dalliances. If so, he needs to be brought up on criminal charges. Certainly he has a history of lying to everyone, so I wouldn't be surprised to discover this.

Sanford is stepping down from his role as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, but that's small potatoes. He needs to step down from his post as Governor of South Carolina, as well.

*This is actually not a hoax: Large rabbits like this are bred in Germany by Karl Szmolinsky. There have been email hoaxes about them, but they do indeed exist and are a specially developed breed that cannot live in the wild.


Ed Abbey said...

I agree, if he is willing to lie to his wife, he is certainly willing to lie to citizen strangers.

For me, I thought it was kind of a relief to have the news devoted to something other than Iran or Stanford for awhile. It gets kind of depressing listening to those situations for days on end. Yes Michael fell off the sane wagon a long time ago but for me, he is always as he was when he cranked out the greatest album of it's time, Thriller. It was probably best that he left early rather than destroy even this tiny thread that I hold onto.

Angela said...

Dangit, I just knew it! I knew you were going to post something about our oh so wonderful Governor. He is embarassing the whole state! I read one comment yesterday on our newspaper website where someone said they had to go home and take a shower to wash the Sanford off of them. I think most of our state feels that way.

Not too long ago when the whole mess with the stimulus money came up someone tried to sell our good Governor on Craigslist, I guess there were no takers.

All I can say is thank goodness he screwed up royally now as he was being looked at as a possible future presidential candidate and I can guarantee if he had gotten that far he would have definitely embarassed the state further.

In terms of his lady love, they have not actually been able to figure out what his mistress looked like. There have been several pictures of different women that have popped up. The one that came from a Maria Chapur on Facebook is not thought to actually be her.

Scott said...

Good day. I completely agree with you about the insane over coverage of the deaths of Farrah and MJ. It is a loss to pop culture and I guess sad in some respects, but really, at the end of the day, tell the story and move on.

As for the Governor of SC, I think that the biggest issue that should be a concern is if he used Taxpayer money to fund his trips and such. If that is the case then get him out of office.

I do, however, think that if it were 'only' an affair (and i do value the sanctity of marriage)then he is still equipped to do his job. Once you bring in moral reactions to whether or not someone can do a job, well, that opens a lot of doors. Too many self appointed moralists out there. Who gets to decide?

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Actually Farah Fawcet was a helluva good actress. Rent THE BURNING BED sometime. I saw her doing commercials four years before she became BIG, but she was in several good TV shows before Charlie's Angels and She was brilliant for a year at the Minnesota Rep (The Tyrone Guthrie theatre)

The Lazy Iguana said...

I think the whole Sanford issue is for the people of South Carolina to sort out.

You and I live in Florida. Our Governor is not Sanford. Therefore, what we think does not matter at all.

I also do not think that having an affair has to effect your work performance. If Sanford was just some executive of Wal-Mart or something would he also have to resign? What if his work performance was not effected?

His biggest mistake was vanishing. Being out of pocket. Nobody knowing where he was. The CEO can take a vacation, but the company has to know where he/she is.

The whole "hiking on the A.T." story also went bad on him - with very humorous results. It was "naked hiking weekend" or something. OOPS!!!! Well at least now everyone knows about that.

But really, if he remains in office or not is the business of voters in South Carolina and nobody else.

daveawayfromhome said...

I'm going to go along with Scott; an affair is not enough to resign about. Maybe not get re-elected, certainly, but not to simply walk away from the job. Unless they're hookers. Or college freshmen. Or college freshmen working their way thru college as hookers.
And, yeah, way too much celebrity worship. Seriously, do we really need to hear a half dozen ordinary people singing Michael Jackson songs? Or a dozen? Or even one?

On the other hand, Sanford was enough of an asshat that he ought to resign just out of general principle. Maybe he'll invite Rick Perry to go with him?

krok69 said...

Saur, men get better looking with age but women don't. Also older women aren't good when it comes to sex. The Gov did what any normal man would do. Everything I do is in some way related to getting laid and it hasn't impacted my work.

I hope your eyes are doing better.

Kat said...

Completely agree. Celebrity deaths are sensational, I know, but it would be nice to see some coverage of a scandal that actually could have repercussions instead.