Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Successful Blackberry Transfer from Sprint to Metro PCS

I finally got my Crackberry back. I am relatively happy now, though there are minor glitches which are probably due to my converting it from a Sprint Blackberry Curve to a Metro PCS one. The biggest problem I have is that I can't seem to download the applications needed connect it to my Gmail account and I have to access the web to get to my email.

By my calculations, it has to hold up for 9 months for me to break even. I'm not worried about that: This thing seems to be highly durable. I already dropped it from shoulder height to a tiled floor and it didn't even get a nick. Of course I am a notorious klutz...

The shady operation that performed the transfer tried to ding me for another $25 on top of their original $75 charge because it was somehow more difficult to do than they originally anticipated. After I threw a total fit in their lobby in front of three other potential customers, they let it go for $75.

Overall, I spent $275 in lieu of the $400 that Metro PCS would have charged. Some might sneer at a savings of $125, but it's still a savings and I'm happy.


AQ said...

I'm no blackberry expert by any means, but I do know this: Besides going through the internet, there are 2 other ways to get gmail on the phone. One is the "internet mail" option that is supposed to manage your email accounts through the blackberry, or your service provider. That one may not work since it's a Sprint - MetroPCS conversion. The other is the Google app for gmail. That app is not based on your service provider at all, and you should have no trouble downloading and installing. Go to from your phone you should be able to download and install. BUT if you have problems there, you might be able to download to your computer and install from your Desktop Manager.

I have also found the boards to be useful. The forums are searchable.

Fred said...

Try to access your gmail on your MetroPCS enabled BB. I am looking to doing the same type of transfer on my Sprint 8700g from Sprint. The local reseller will unlock, assign a new metroPCS # and include one month unlimited data for $100.- Every month after it will be $50 for the unlimited data plan. I am still concerned I will not get to use google talk or google maps after the transfer.