Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thoughts for the Week

1. I am still getting amazing response to my articles on employment scammers. The one that really gets a rise out of people is the one about the Vanara Scam, which is apparently still going strong.

2. There is great surprise among some people that Michael Jackson isn't the biological father of his children. You're kidding, right? You actually think that MJ would have produced glowingly white kids? These people need to go back to remedial high school biology.

3. Mark Sanford is a goober. He got a free pass from his wife and most of the press the first time around, but now he calls another press conference to natter on about how he's slogging along trying to rebuild his marriage with his wife (good ol' whatsername) but his mistress is his true soulmate.


How high school is this? Obviously the man is a few fruit loops short of a bowl and needs to step down from his post. Yesterday.

4. Cap and Trade. here is a great site with some wonderful links to cap and trade arguments.

What am I missing? Why are ultra right wingers frothing at the mouth over this?


The Lazy Iguana said...

Because all they can do is bark at the moon at this point.

See, if ANYTHING works they know that the whole movement (which has little to do with the party as it was during the Goldwater era) is dead. Over. Kaput.

So they have to yell and scream and bark and howl and froth at the mouth and get all rabid so that they can get more people in for 2010, so that they can block it all.

Then claim it never worked, because it was blocked.

Consider this. Right wing radio claims that a public option will cost some unholy amount of money. I have heard in excess of $8k per person.

Then they say that everyone will be forced on it because private insurance will not be able to compete.

So that means that the private plan costs more than the public option? If so - what the hell! Either way I can not afford it. Might as well go with the plan I can not afford the least? Does that make sense?

And if the private plans are cheaper than the public option - guess which one Ill pick!!!

Ill give you a hint. The cheaper one.

So will the public plan cost so much that the moon turns blood red and it rains frogs - or will private insurance not be able to compete?

Who the hell knows. I just know that both can not be true.

If this cap and trade thing gives industry and individuals time to adapt, there WILL be a major push for new technology. There will be a cost savings to realize, and so industry will get new stuff. There will be a cost savings for people to get new stuff as well.

We just need to have enough time to allow everyone to adjust, and be able to obtain higher efficiency machines and appliances - so that we CAN use less energy and not live like tree dwelling hippies.