Thursday, November 05, 2009

The GOP Must Stand United?

In an article yesterday, Newt Gingrich writes "However, all of us who oppose the Left need to realize that civil war within the GOP will reelect Barack Obama and make Nancy Pelosi speaker for life."


This ridiculous antiquarian attitude is what defeated the GOP during the last Presidential election. No prominent Republican wanted to publicly admit that George Bush was an idiot and therefore the public identified all Republican candidates with a moronic, weak, lame duck President who refused to listen to the people.

This attitude is why Gingrich openly endorsed Dede Scozzafava: A liberal Republican who stands for everything the party stands against. Why did Gingrich endorse her? Because she was a Republican.

If this is Gingrich's policy, all Barack Obama must do is change his party and Gingrich will fall right in line.

The Republican party is riddled with cancer. It is rife with special interest groups, Big Business, and has long ago forgotten the blue collar worker who made it what it was in the 1980s. The blue collar worker's values have not changed, but the Republican party has.

It is time for that civil war.


Ed said...

I think the Democratic party is also riddled with cancer too and forgotten their roots. It has gotten so that both parties are becoming very predictable, at least the talking heads of them, and no longer surprise me with what they say, including Newt and his fearmongering.

Uncle Joe said...

I've been gearing up for some sort of civil war for a while now. Years, it seems.
We're living in exciting, historic times.
Wish I could be in D.C. today with Michelle Bachman.....

The Lazy Iguana said...

They do not seem to want the blue collar worker. At least this is why I no longer vote with them.

Certain lard asses on the radio who for years called moderates "wishy-washy spineless people who have to stick their finger up to see which way the wind is blowing before they make a decision".

Well maybe I WANT someone who is going to think about it before they act. What is wrong with thinking? Do you think George Washington just said "screw it. Ill be a general and take on the British!". Oh no - there was much thinking and postulating before that decision was made.

Washington was clearly a wishy washy moderate I suppose. Unable to just take a stand and stick to it no matter what.

Anyway, Newt is a has been. Washed out. Ancient history. The Roman Empire is more contemporary than his ass. So let him spew whatever he wants to. Few are listening.

Compare this to the Democrat voters. Some are very upset at Obama - mostly the more liberal wing. The more to the left you get, the more criticism of Obama there is. They think he is either bending too much, or not going far enough.

I find this interesting seeing as how the other party wants to paint him as some super radical far to the left muslim communist. This must be why the more radical faction of the party are among his critics huh? Because he is so much like them?

It is all bullshit anyway. Anyone who thinks things would be any different under McCain are nuts. The economic train was already wrecked, and nothing was going to just get it going in a couple of months. The damage was done long before the election or January 20th 2009.

But what do I know. Probably very little.

Gary Baker said...

You know, I think the Lazy Iguana made a very insightful comment. The far left radicals are among Obama's critics precisely because they are so much like him. They expect all of their demands and wants to be met immediately and without dissent or they go into full attack mode. Yes, the similarity is striking.

While I don't agree with your assessment of Bush as moronic, I do think that the longer he was in office the more willing he became to abandon principles in exchange for popularity. While that worked well for Clinton, Mr. Bush was playing to a different constituency.

The Republican Party has shifted a long way from its conservative roots, though. When they presented McCain as the candidate of choice, they tried to sell him as USDA Prime when basically we were getting Kennel-Ration. I guess the time is coming when we'll find out what, if any, principles the Republicans are unwilling to compromise.

Fred said...

Amen. Bring it on.

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