Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods

I am fascinated by the Tiger Woods Saga. Here's a really cute, talented guy who comes up from nowhere (thanks to two great parents), marries a waif, has a child, and is supposed to live happily ever after.

My best friend, Pov, accuses me of having a crush on Tiger but I don't. Really. That is as ridiculous as saying that I have the hots for Hugh Jackman.


But if I did have a crush on Tiger, it's taken quite a blow recently. I have no sympathy with men who cheat on their wives, as I've been through it before with my ex-husband. I also don't understand women who poach: Aren't there enough men in this world? Can't you find one that isn't wearing a wedding ring?

Of course this is assuming that Tiger did have an affair with an Angelina Jolie look-a-like who can't keep it in her pants. From news accounts, this supposed mistress has seen more male anatomy than a urinal.

It's currently speculated that Tiger's wife, Elin, helped him achieve his "car accident" as well as his six minutes of unconsciousness. I can never condone violence, although I certainly can sympathize if, indeed, Elin attacked Tiger after hearing of the affair. And of course this affects their two children, one of whom was born only this year.

Although some people are joking about Tiger's "wood", asking if he drove a Volkswagen Golf, and talking about how Elin is "green" with envy, this is no laughing matter.

I've written about heroes with blemishes before. They exist, but I'm hoping that we don't have to add Tiger Woods to that pantheon.


Ed said...

I had the news off since last Thursday and am apparently out of the loop. I need to go read what Tiger was up to this weekend.

I don't have a crush on Tiger but it is safe to say I do have a crush on his wealth.

Saur said...

Ed, Yeah, a mere fraction of his money would go a long way with me. ;o)

Bee Repartee said...

I don't see the Tiger Woods thing but men (or women) that don't honor their marriage vows? I don't get why they even get married.

As for my blog 'cougar' comment, hey, if you got it, age is just a number. I'm just saying. xo

daveawayfromhome said...

While I agree with you about marriage and vows and such, I have to wonder about anyone who marries a man with money, wealth, fame and talent: did they really expect that said man would be true? It's not like such men have a great track record so far. This is not, I should add, an attempt to excuse Woods or any other cheater.

"Aren't there enough men in this world? Can't you find one that isn't wearing a wedding ring?"

Ah, but the married man is a proven provider, especially a successful one like Tiger.
My scorn is reserved for the women who successfully bag a married man, then are "shocked" when their man cheats on them in turn

Saur♥Kraut said...

Bee, I wasn't offended - just wasn't following the train of thought when you mentioned it. ;o) Anyway, Demi Moore is my idol. But seriously, I've dated younger men (sometimes MUCH younger) and I decided it's no fun to be with someone who has absolutely no idea who Hall n' Oates were.

Well... Tiger has a boyish charm. I'm not wild about him, but I do think he's adorably cute. Or, I DID.

Dave, You've got a good point. Apparently she did think he would be loyal, however, and she is certainly entitled to that loyalty.

I agree with you on all points, though.

There is another type of predator, though. They hunt men (and women) wearing rings because they don't want the commitment but they do want the excitement of the chase.

Ed said...

Tiger married in 2004 and his winning since then has been $53 million. Figure that his other endorsements brought in 3 times that making his take home since he has been married around $200 million. Assuming he has a prenup and his wife is entitled to half of their income over that same period of time.

I think I would have had a tattoo on my nether part stating something along the lines that this fling might cost my $100 million. Perhaps that would have prevented it and thus a wrecked SUV.