Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Abraham" and Esther Hicks

I got introduced to something new today: A new age guru who channels a legion of demons named "Abraham". Her name is Esther Hicks. To be charitable, perhaps she isn't possessed. Perhaps she is merely insane.

But what is definitely insane are the myriad people who attend her meetings and hang on to every word.

Somewhat creepy is Esther's lapse into her possession by Abraham and it/her encouragement of others to do the same. And the fact that Esther and her husband met these "beings" via a Ouija board (and due to an interest in another woman who "channels") would indicate a specific interest in the demonic. If you are only seeking the truth, why dabble in such obvious and stereotypical mediums?

Most of Esther/Abraham's advice is terrifically boring and mundane, full of standard platitudes which have been around for a very long time. In fact, this could be the very argument against demon possession, for surely demons must be smarter than this.

Particularly nasty are Esther/Abraham's assertions that evil comes to people who wish it upon themselves. This includes victims of crime, such as children who are molested. It's not only hard, but impossible to buy that a four year old has willingly brought molestation upon him/herself.

Some people claim this creature is merely a huckster, and perhaps she/it is (akin to the Amityville Horror hoax). But I find it almost impossible to believe anyone is so easily taken in by her/it.

Most amusing are the followers' claims that Abraham/Hicks must have their best interests at heart, as it/she has so many nice and "loving" things to tell everyone.

So did snake oil salesmen at one time.

Has anyone else heard of this idiocy?


Three Score and Ten or more said...

Sound weird, and thank you I don't need any. Glad to have you back I was beginning to worry a little. (Maybe even more than a little.

Saur said...

3Score&10, I'm glad you dropped in. I've been meaning to email you - our prolonged freeze ended up destroying the entire avocado crop - they had to be harvested and those that made it were on the verge of going bad immediately. They wouldn't have made the shipment. ;o(

Gary Baker said...


Glad that you didn't get caught in the bad weather. BTW - I did send you an email but never got your question by reply. My curiosity is high.

And no, I haven't heard of this stuff, but I would not mess with it if I had.