Monday, February 22, 2010

Pediatricians Call for a Choke Proof Hotdog

Pediatricians are calling for a choke-proof hotdog. I'll make it simple: It's baloney.

No really: Baloney. It's the same thing as what hotdogs are made of, and it's simply in a different shape.

Problem solved.

So what's the next "big" issue?


Ed said...

So by inventing a choke proof hotdog, we save 77 kids a year. While the big killers, motor vehicle 621, malignant neoplasms 537, congenital anomalies 199, drowning 159, fire/burn 153, homicide 140 & heart disease 99 go unaddressed.

Some people have too much federal funding and time on their hands.

Angela said...

Can I make the case for survival of the fittest?

Why do we have to keep "saving" all of these idiots and their children.

The Lazy Iguana said...

This will make hot dog eating contests all the more fun.

I also do not see how this would cost very much to put into place. Consumers buying redesigned hot dogs would be paying for it all. And with the economies of scale involved in hot dog production, the new machinery costs would be minimal.

I am also sure that if it were your kid, or a kid in your family, that choked to death on a hot dog people might have a different attitude about it all.

I really do not eat hot dogs very much anymore - if at all. So whatever.

daveawayfromhome said...

O good grief! If you dont want to your child to choke on a hotdog, dont give him one! Seriously.

Paul Nichols said...

"Quit shoving so much food in your mouth!"
"Take smaller bites!"
"Don't talk with your mouth full!"
"Chew your food, f'cryin' outloud!"

Gee, maybe Mom and Grandma had an understanding that has escaped us in these technologically impressive modern days. Or maybe there just weren't enough lawyers back then.

Angela said...

Or there is the super novel idea of cutting up the hot dog before feeding it to your child...but that would take some effort.