Friday, February 26, 2010

The Lazy HR Manager

...then there's the lazy Human Resources manager that we know. He hates recruiting, so he and his boss just hired another HR person to recruit for him!

Guess we know who's out the door.

Talk about downsizing yourself.


The Lazy Iguana said...

The H.R. asshole where I work just lies. The employer handbook (which she tells you to read in responce to any question) was written by her, and contains some whoopers. Like for example, it says I can get insuracne. I was offered the sane deal Aflack offers anyone. You know, the company that openly advertises "health benefits to employees at no cost to the employer". They sell what is really supplemental insurance - useless withot real insurance to back it

they also leave fliers at the punch in clock with the locations of all the nearby free clinics. I personally heard the owners botching about "wealth redistribution" and how bad a public plan would be

they aslo lie about a matching 401k plan. There is none.

So I lie too. I signed up for a 5k run the company paid for. I got the free bag of goodies - but did not show to the run


My coworkers want me to pen what will amount to a decleration of independence. Notice of intent to form a union. I think I will do it, but it could cost me.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lazy, Sadly, unions aren't protected. And yes, most business owners are greedy b*st*rds. I've written about rotten bosses and selfish,careless bosses before.

What's really sad is the examples I mentioned are probably pretty standard out there. And yet, you can do nothing. Florida is a "right to work" state, which means "right to fire".

If you threaten to unionize, you'll be out the door.

So good luck at that, and get used to sucking up to them.

daveawayfromhome said...

Recently at work, we were told that in order to get any overtime, we'd have to do 40 hours of actual work. Holiday pay, vacation pay, sick days, none of these count towards overtime. Guess how often they like to make us work the weekend after a Monday holiday? It was described by the boss as being "industry standard", which seems to mean, "everyone else is screwing their employees, so we will too".

Gary Baker said...

I've had to many bad experiences with union members to live anywhere but a "right to work" state. As long as the teacher's unions continue to basically hold public education hostage, I have no use for them.

krok56 said...

Companies have you by the balls these days. You can't trust anyone in HR. The HR person is always the dumbest person in the company and is an expert at telling untruths.

These days it's important not to be creative or go out on a limb. Form a team and get everyone to buy off on the decision.

The only reason I continue to be so successful is because I'm very handsom. I can't stress the importance of being attractive. Sorry Lazy.