Thursday, March 25, 2010


Insurance is No Longer a Career: It's a Nightmare

I pity everyone who sells insurance for a living. As if it's not bleak enough, our local news channel 8 is blaring a breaking news story about scammers who bilk the elderly by pretending to be insurance agents.

I happen to know that the ONLY market for insurance right now is the supplemental Medicare market. When the elderly get spooked, that will close the final door in the insurance industry and agents will join the ranks of the unemployed everywhere.

The New Insurance Vista

Now that this botched Obama bill has passed, insurance will drastically change. For what I believe to be a very realistic look, go to this article in Investors Business Daily. It's an eye opener.

Jesse James

What a skank.

His third mistress has just "revealed" herself (pun intended) and at least one has said she's had unprotected sex with him. All of them are hardly the-girl-next-door types, unless you live next to a strip club.



Lee Ann said...

Happy Spring :)!
Lee Ann

krok69 said...

I applaud Jesse James for checking himself into Rehab. I just hope Sandy’s supportive response is just as immediate as Jesse courageously battles his addiction.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Lee Ann, to you too, my dear!

Krok, hahaha!