Friday, March 19, 2010

Hoodlums & Scalawags

Our local newspaper, the St. Pete Times, tells of how a School Board member labeled disruptive jerks as "hoodlums".

The disruptive jerks were black, and the next thing you know, they took offense to the term.

If only they'd spend more time in the classroom and less time being hoodlums, they would've learned what it meant.

The reporter attempts to explain away their overreaction by this convoluted reasoning: The first half of the word "hoodlum" is "hood", as in "neighborhood", and since black thugs often refer to their home territory as "the hood", they own this term and it shouldn't be used in any other words about them.

I would suggest the term "scalawag", which was a favorite label my grandfather always used for hoodlums. But wait! It's fraught with meaning also! Apparently it was "...a moniker for southern whites who supported Reconstruction following the Civil War." Well, we wouldn't want to call black hoodlums "scalawags", then, would we?

How about "reprobate"? Nah - our hoodlums would probably think it has a sexual meaning (reproduction and masturbate) and we wouldn't want to confuse them any further. They can hardly be rocket scientists, after all, if they don't value schooling.

How about "delinquent"? Certainly not! Anyone who eats in a deli would be infuriated! Hold the mustard!

How about "hooligan" or "scofflaw"? Well honestly, could you take anyone seriously who used those terms? I know *I* couldn't.

"Avast ye hooligan! I demand redress for your knavish behavior! Yea verily, I shall smite thee!"


How about just plain "jackasses"? As donkeys can't talk, it's safe to say they can't object.


Ed said...

All I can say is PC run amok.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Ed, exactly. ;o)

Krok, You are sometimes nothing but trouble. I will leave your comment up, but don't blame me if you get buried in controversy. It will serve you right! You are sometimes so dead-on in your commentary, but sometimes you get so carried away.

krok35 said...

Saur, It is beautiful in NC today. Took the Hog for a spin and no one ran me over. What a great day.

Just for the record, I have never been in a Walmart and the only way I'd be in a Walmart is if someone dragged my lifeless body in there.

If that guy from England is offended I will let him suck on my bloody sticky whicket to make him feel better.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend. See you the weekend of July 11th.

Scott said...

I am kind of surprised that you would leave he slur up there.
That being said, I think that PC has gone a little too far. There are people of all races who are hoodlums,jackasses and losers. Perhaps those in charge of school boards and such should show better judgment simply because they are role models, but really, those who are complaining should be focused on the actual behaviour of these 'students' instead of commonly used vernacular.

Uncle Joe said...

Those fargin' corksuckers!!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Krok, *rolling eyes* What're you doing in NC now? Have you moved? And why don't you get a blogger ID so no one else can impersonate you? I'm not so sure you're really Krok, but I don't know why anyone would want to take the heat for the things you say, anyway. ;o)

Scott, I had real mixed feelings. I try to rarely censor my blog. I usually even leave up personal attacks, and misinformation (though I challenge it) because I try to keep this an open forum.

I do agree about vernacular, and the truth is that these hoodlums are deliberately throwing sand in our eyes in an attempt to take our eyes off their bad behavior.

Uncle Joe, ;o)