Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The IRS Mess

The last several days went by in a whirlwind. I'm up to my eyeballs in continuing paperwork due to the IRS.

I owned two businesses up until Fall of this year, and I had at least two employees who robbed me blind over that last year. Because I couldn't account for where the funds went (even though I never saw them or knew of them until the audit), the IRS has seen fit to tax me for the money that was stolen from me. That is a sizeable chunk of change that I simply don't have.

However, one of the employees is my ex-boyfriend, who was responsible enough to admit to the theft and take responsibility for that debt. I was very pleasantly surprised! I won't be forced to press charges, I won't hold him responsible for the money he stole, so all he owes are taxes.

I understand that the IRS has no idea who took the money, and all they want is their pound of flesh. However, to force someone to pay taxes on money that was stolen from them is equivalent to gang rape.


R2K said...


The Lazy Iguana said...

That is just wrong on many levels.

Who paid the taxes when Neil Bush ran that Savings and Loan into the toilet? And wasn't his brother JEB involved in that mess too? Did they pay anything, or just claim "I am not the company!" and walk away?

And here they are harassing little you and your peanut fragments. It would be like giving me a pollution fine because I spill an ounce of gas while refueling my boat while ignoring the Exxon Oil Tanker 100 yards away with a hull breech.

By the way, have you seen the new look for 2007 yet? It is impressive.

eshuneutics said...

Talk about adding insult to injury. But it's rather like the cash-machine scams in the UK. A friend had her card secretly scanned and money removed. She reported it. Was the bank distressed by her distress? Not at all? The bank didn't seem to grasp that it was her money that was was all about their loss and whether she was lying!

jsull28fl@yaho said...

employees are the reason I no longer own any retail stores
i had the same problem you had, not with the IRS thank god but with stealing, out of the 8 stores i owned I had 1 count 'em one manager that would not steal from me. That sucks, just sucks.
anyway good luck with IRS i would wish their wrath on nobody. Anyone ever wonder why folks do all they can to beat the IRS?? Could it be because of the way they treat the honest people? So if they are going to treat you shitty either way you might as well do things to be treated that way over.

QUASAR9 said...

Welcome to 2007

Senor Caiman said...


I'll never forget the time I was gang raped by three Victoria Secret Models. I can feel your pain.

Excellent post.

Did you go to the inauguration?

Matt said...

Equavalent to gang rape?

Damn. Um sorry to hear that, Saur.

mckay said...

this is a great example of why big government is wrong - it constantly needs its pound of flesh (as you so eloquently stated) to survive...

too bad you can't start a class action suit against the greediness and heartlessness of the taxman.

...and that ATM scam? another reason why i refuse to use those things. i get my cash the old fashioned way, by going into the bank and writing a check.

mckay said...

oops, forgot to say:

i sincerely hope this tax cr@p ends for you as quickly and painlessly as possible, saur.


honkeie2 said...

there is a whole level of hel reserved for the ppl in the IRS. And this is why I will never open my own buisness.

KristieD said...

that is just wrong. i sincerely hope your ex actually pays the taxes and the irs leaves you alone!

Oh & happy belated new year. I hope this year is way better than the last!

Three Score and Ten or more said...

And probably even less pleasant. I hope you find your way out. (Heck I hope everyone does. I'm panicking about the hospital bill from Finland. (I don't know how much you lost, but I'm way over 112,000 bucks in arrears to that hospital. I was pleased when the surgeon told me that they weren't planning to hold me hostage for it.)