Wednesday, January 24, 2007

President Bush's State of the Union Speech

Fellow blogger UWL keeps a running set of statistics on the deaths and casualties in Iraq. Although I consider UWL a friend, she will also agree with me when I say that she is radically liberal. However, there are times that our beliefs dovetail. Recently, UWL posted that there are now over 3,000 troops dead, and almost 23,000 that have been wounded (and we're not talking about anything minor). The total killed on 9/11 were 2,819. The military toll excedes it by far.

In Bush's State of the Union Speech last night, he said "The evil that inspired and rejoiced in 9/11 is still at work in the world. And so long as that's the case, America is still a nation at war." I agree. I don't like the terrorists, and I'd be happy to see each and every one of them off the face of the earth before they kill one more innocent. They're like a pack of rabid wolves. However, that doesn't mean that we're going about this war in the right manner.

Bush continues to act as if his move to send troops overseas is a fait accompli, despite the fact that the majority of the American people are opposed to continuing the war (as it currently is being fought).

When did it become passe for a politician to actually represent the people? Bush continues to believe he is in a patriarchal position, instead: You hired me to do what's right, I know what's right for you, so sit down and shut up and let me do my job.

I never thought I'd be glad to see a Democratic Congress, but the majority of the American public is now hopeful that they will provide a counterbalance to Bush's megalomaniacal stance.

Incidentally, I listened to Michael Savage's interview of retired General Alexander Haig last night and it was fascinating. Haig pointed out that the troops we've sent out this time are only a tiny fraction of the troops we sent out during the Gulf War. If you recall, the Gulf War was quickly and easily won with a minimal loss of American lives. Haig implied that Bush's military strategists were horrific (which is an obvious assessment).

Why are we bothering to try to impose civilization and democracy on a country that is comfortable with neither? The moment that we withdraw, Iraq will return to it's primitive savagery. As Mark Twain once said, "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes time and annoys the pig." Besides, we have bigger fish to fry: North Korea, China, and Iran are the biggest threats we currently face. We are clubbing the small time thug, while the serial killers slip by.

President Bush also threw a sop to the Democrats, who love taxation almost as much as a fat kid loves cake. He proposed even more taxes; this time, he's going after our medical benefits. Actually, I have come to the conclusion (after years of decrying it) that socialized medicine may be America's best bet. And I'll grant that medical benefits are a part of salary packages and probably should be subject to taxation. It may drive us to re-consider socialized medicine, as well. But this kiss-ass move to try and throw the Democrats off the scent is patently obvious.

Bush also gave lip-service to beefing up border patrol and addressing the problem of illegal immigration, but his actions speak much louder than his words do. Bush called for a couple other things (such as a reduction in fuel dependency) but, as with his speech last year, we can expect that the vast majority of what he threw out will never come to pass.

Most pundits agree that his speech was low-key, bland, and middle of the road at best. It could hardly be otherwise. Bush is now facing a Democratic Congress, and he is about to become a Lame Duck President. It is a political death sentence, and a punishment from the American people. Bush could only have avoided it if he had turned into a world-class statesman at the 11th hour. But sadly, that was beyond his capacity.


Badoozie said...

never try to teach a dumb guy to be president, it takes time, and annoys the people.

he's more of a puppet than we realize. his corporate buddies are lovin this war, means more moolah in their pants....low interest rates, etc, increased spending, you can bet he's got a ton of wealthy pigs whispering in his ear

Matt said...

A representative republic? Ha.

I find it interesting that when the House tries to do anything about border security critics decry the move as "playing politics."

But isn't playing politics a good thing if that means that elected officials are actually responding to the wishes of voters?

The Lazy Iguana said...

Saur, remember the 200 election when "qualification did not matter"? I do. Remember the reports of all the companies Bush ran into the ground? I do. About how daddy would get friends to invest in Junior so he could play CEO? That kind of thing?

No, it did not matter that he would run company after company into the rocks.

Now, too late to do us any good, we see EXACTLY how this happened. We can see his management style in action. He will not listen to anyone. He will keep doing what he thinks is right, REGARDLESS of the outcome. He is the spoiled rich kid who nobody has ever said no to. He has never had to listen to anyone, or compromise with anyone. He can not relate to other people, except for a few others just like him and in FULL AGREEMENT with him.

He does not want to listen to anyone who says things that voice in his empty head does not agree with. Including, but in no way limited to, the people who "elected" him. Hell look at what he did from day 1! He "won" by what? 10 or 15 votes in Florida? Then what does he do? He announces he has a "mandate" and pushes his agenda through - content to leave the Democrats out of everything.

And this was just the start. A GOOD LEADER would have realized they in no way had a mandate, and that it was important to not cut the other side out. But who ever confused Bush for a good leader? The man could not lead ants to a picnic. Just ask the people daddy suckered into investing in Junior's play companies.

Before 2000, I was about 1/3 as liberal as I seem to be now. I have turned into a "yellow dog" democrat, I would vote for a yellow dog before a Republican.

What this man DESERVES at this point is to have his legacy as President be that of a total failure. He has never before in his life been forced to face the fact he is just a rich kid, with poor management skills, poor business skills, poor leadership skills, and at best average intelligence. He is nothing special, nothing worth remembering, and certainly not worthy of being included in US History, except maybe as the worst President of this century.

Ed Abbey said...

I think you are righ ton about everything except for socialized medicine. That does nothing but shift the buck from employers paying for it to taxpayers paying for it and thus demanding higher wages from employers. It is a viscous circle that can only be solved by eliminating the reasons behind the high cost of health care. Who pays for it is irrelevant.

daveawayfromhome said...

I've heard that those death figures dont include soldiers who've died outside of Iraq, even if they died of wounds recieved in Iraq. As for Iran being a threat, much of it's current dangerousness can be directly attributed to the actions of the Bush Administration. It's almost like Dubya and Ahmadinejad exchange e-mails on how one can help the other retain power.

Huh, what this man DESERVES is, at the least, impeachment. Treason might do, also, although there doesnt seem to be any cooperation with our enemies (except according to the "loonies"), but Bush certainly qualifies for "A person who betrays the nation of their citizenship and/or reneges on an oath of loyalty". Uphold the constitution? Hello signing statements. Not enough, then how about warrantless wiretapping?
Tell you what, I'll settle for a nice stay at the Hague with a War Crimes trial.


Ed, the reason behind high health costs is simple: we've established a health system based on the market system. Unfortunately, capitalism, while terrific for making money, isnt so good for things that require something other than money to be foremost (like helping people). In our system, the primary goal is not to make people well, the primary goal is to make a profit. Everyone talks about how great our Health Care system is, but statistics dont bear that out. Even Parade magazine, one of the nation's major America-boosters will tell you we've got a problem.

Bryan said...

I'm going to hang with Susie on this one. She pretty much hit the nail on the head.

A great post, Saur

jsull28fl@yaho said...

socialized health care is crazy in my opinion. Anything the g'ment does they fuck up, it costs more and works less. All you have to do to see this clearly is look at g'ment education, social security and welfare, whoever came up with these programs should be tried for treason but they would get off for being insane.
I do agree the war was poorly planned and fought wrong but always remember this, The US has never lost a war they fought on offence, never, and the weak and the soft cause us to pull out before the end. I submit that prior to the vast media coverage and the weak and cowardly in our country crying and whining about the atrocities of war escallated by the instant media, we would have won Iraq and be gone by now, we surely would have won in vietnam. Those people that continuously cry and whine are the real ones that tie the hands of the troops and put them in far greater danger.
And you are also correct no idiocrat ever met a tax they didn't love, they seem to hate the accomplished (and love the idea of punishing them for being accomplished through taxation)I wonder if this is because they aren't or do those that are feel guilty about it
and last on the same note as "the public is against the war, the overwhelming majority of the public are against the southern invation and neither party has the guts to do anything about it, thats my #1 bitch with bush, hell id pay more taxes to build a wall. I can't understand why the Dems want to help big business so much that they will allow those illegals to stay, the Dems in the sack with big biz!

Paul said...

I don't always agree with you, but in this case, I'll make an exception.

Except that medical benefits are not part of my salary package. That's a misnomer. I pay $194 a month for the two of us, then a $25 co-pay who know's how many times a month, and then the balance of what Aetna won't pay. I pay a lot for my medical benefits, although a little less than straight out of my pocket. My First Wife's recent trip to the emergency room cost over $2300 for a 3 hour visit. Aetna paid $600+. I have to pay the rest. How is that a salary benefit when it takes more than a week's salary?

green said...

Bush became a lame duck President the moment he won Ohio in 2004 by 118,000 votes (or so). Therefore what I predicted has come to pass - that Dubya has no more elections to face and therefore could give a rat's bottom about what the American people think or how low his approval rating goes. That's why I referred to him as King George. Thank God he only has two more years.....

I'm glad we have now a democratic majority in Congress - maybe it'll teach W a lesson.

Well, probably not.