Monday, January 15, 2007

Moronic Radio Stunt Kills Woman

In the Land of Idiot Radio, it was only a matter of time before someone got severely hurt or killed. This weekend, a radio station in California succeeded in killing a mother of three, who was participating in a contest to try to win a Wii for her family.

Radio Station KDND 107.9 held a contest called "Hold Your Wee for Wii", in which unlucky contestants had to drink vast amounts of water and hold off peeing. The one who held out the longest won.

Jennifer Lea Strange was one of the participants. She died from water intoxication.

People have died from water intoxication before. And even if the uneducated promoters at KDND didn't know this, you would think they would have consulted with a doctor about any contest that involved bodily functions.

However, KDND is simply one of the unlucky ones when it comes to stupid radio pranks.

Local stations in the Tampa Bay Area are famous for similar situations. One local shock jock, "Bubba the Love Sponge", was well-known for being a completely hateful, misogynistic, prejudiced, vicious little monster who finally lost his job after castrating a boar without anesthesia while broadcasting to his live morning audience.

Another DJ used to be known for his morning stunts, although he thankfully seems to be growing out of that. Some of these stunts included getting a member of his staff dangerously intoxicated, having a legally blind groupie (with severe mental problems) drive into a wall, tasering a member of his staff, and other reckless stunts that could easily have ended in a loss of life and/or permanent loss of limb or other functions.

So, radio station KDND is merely another radio station run by a group of idiots who are always grasping for better ratings.

But I wonder... Did Jennifer Lea Strange win the Wii? And if she didn't, is KDND going to award her one posthumously as well as pay for her funeral and set up a college fund for her children? It's the least they can do. And hey~! Maybe it will help their ratings!


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Holy crap! Unbelievable the thinngs these guys will do for ratings! And as for Bush and Iraq.....I agree, these people will unfortunately never
be able to live in peace because there`s just too many violent ones wanting to have power supreme over all the rest of the regular people, including us, sadly. I was shocked to hear he was sending even more soldiers. Easy for him or whoever pulls his puppet strings....he doesn`t have to go himself.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I should have a morning radio show. I would have done the old "who can chug the most milk without tossing their cookies all over the place" contest. Just as funny (the listeners get to hear the RAAAHHHHLLLGGGHHH sound - that is pretty funny stuff for morning radio).

Of course, hold your wee for a wii has a ring to it that "Don't puke on studio property" has.

And then there is always this - the latest trend in crazy Japanese reality based game shows!

Who poop last (rast!?!?). Perfect for radio stunts.

Matt said...

Holy law suit.

js said...

I'm thinking that tho the radio show should be punished for being idiots the real blame lies on whatever idiot would agree to be in the contest
i mean come on now how idiotic is that? now it would be different if she was on the staff and was in danger of losing her job if she didn't participate it would be different but if she chose to on her own then shes definately the one to take the brunt of the blame, and yes i do realize shes dead and all but to put that solely on the radio station is insane and thats what the media is doing it appears. it sucks for the kids to have been raised thusfar by a moron, some folks just shouldn't breed

Saur said...

JS, well, to be fair, no one has ever knowingly committed suicide this way, so I'd have to bet that she was participating in a contest along with many other people, and never suspected she could die from it.

And, we can't really underestimate a mom's quiet desperation in such cases. I remember being very poor, and probably would have taken the chance (not knowing it was potentially fatal) when I had no other way to get my child such a wonderful toy.

Matt, you said it, brother!

Lazy, Tell me that that video is only a spoof! I'm assuming it is until I'm assured otherwise. Yeegad! And as to radio station stunts: I'd like to think we've outgrown them for the most part, just as we've outgrown spoof songs and slapstick.

Tea, you said it, sister! I agree on all counts.

js said...

lol@committed suicide this way!
you are right there for sure but come on now common sense would dictate that it could be harmful for you. I have been flat cold busted and wouldn't have done it for a video game for sure.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

We cross posted on this! Great minds and all that.

The Lazy Iguana said...

We shall NEVER outgrow song spoofs. You may call slapstick "old" but some people think "classic" is a better term. You never hear people calling classical music "old and stale". Well OK you do. But that is not my point.

Radio stunts are kind of lame. I could do a much better job with them. I would have had the contestants drink that "drug test" tea stuff that makes you wizz like a race horse. Contestants need not drink excessive amounts of water. A pint or so of that tea would create results. A quart would produce results faster. No water induced death there.

By the way, "who poops last" is from Robot Chicken, which can be seen on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. The premise of the show is a mad scientist finds a road kill chicken and revives it as some kind of half robot half chicken thing. Then he straps the cyborg chicken into a chair and forces it to watch crazy TV shows. The mad scientist has the remote control and changes channels frequently.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

She deserved it for being stupid.

Gene pool is trimmed down once again...

Ellen said...

This goes to show you that all you have to do is dangle a big enough banana in front of someone, and they'll bite. Another winner of the Darwin Award for sure.

I am curious if the radio station had everyone entering the contest sign a waiver.

The Lazy Iguana said...

They should have used beer. You can not drink so much of that that you die from any intoxication. You pass out and puke LONG BEFORE that can happen.

Just have your flunkie producer roll the contestants on their side so nobody pulls a Jimi Hendrix.

I am sick in the head.

Random Girl said...

the station is from where I live and I find it ironic that last year there was a college student in Chico who died from water intoxication so it has been a real big deal out here.....and none of them evidently heard that news story. idiots. I bet that game system was worth it.

Senor Caiman said...


Bubba's wife is very hot. Great wedding.

Excellent post.

Miss Cellania said...

My radio station did one like this once. Who could sit on a couch longest won the couch. They had to eat a slice of pizza and drink a soda per hour. The guy who won barfed up his pizza and immediately picked up another slice to eat. The other contestants then got up and left. It was so gross, and I wasn't even there, I was at the station anchoring the show! That was the last endurance stunt we ever did. Guess what? It was the sales department's idea. None of the air staff thought it would go over. People are still talking about it years later, but not in a good way.

Mr. Althouse said...

It was a radio station in Sacramento that pulled this stunt on it's "wacky" morning show called "The Morning Rave." If you go to their website, there is a message stating the station's condolences (without admitting any liability, of course) and a statement that the morning show is off the air indefinitely.

Damage control has comenced.


R2K said...

After all this time people do not understand that drinking too much water can kill you! It happens every year, frats for example. If you drink more than one gallon of water in short order, you can die. That simple!

As dumb as the stunt was: isnt it really up to her to decide? Those other stunts seem worse still, horrible.

Emma Sometimes said...


Water Killed the Radio Star.

Anonymous said...

You can find recordings of the radio show online. Before the contest even began, at least one of the djs stated in so many words that they were aware that drinking too much water could be fatal (as in the case of the Chico student). The show even received and aired a call from a nurse who warned them about the danger of water intoxication. Yet the djs allowed the contest to continue because the participants had signed release forms and, apparently, would puke and be kicked out of the contest before they got to the point where they would die.

Anyone who would stand by and allow another human being to unknowingly perform an action that could kill them should not be allowed access to the airwaves. Frankly, I think they belong in jail.

Badoozie said... hazing causes this to happen as well. I learned that in college.