Friday, March 02, 2007

Glenn Beck's Treatment of Hillary Clinton

I am not a Hillary Clinton fan, so I really had to mull this over. But when I speak for Hillary today, I speak for all women, and any woman that runs for office anywhere in the land.

I was listening to Glenn Beck's radio show yesterday. For those of you unfamiliar with American talk radio, Glenn was a balanced moderate talkshow host until he began to make it in the big leagues. He is famous for his wit and insights, and I've followed him in his mercurial rise from talkshow host in the Tampa Bay market to national radio and TV.

But as Glenn has progressed, he apparently has begun to fall under the influence of the conservatives. A true moderate remains objective, and under the influence of neither party. And although he continues to give lip-service to his moderate listeners, the bent is going insidiously to the right.

A typical example is Glenn's treatment of Hillary Clinton yesterday. He was speaking with his Right Hand Man, Stu. He began to mock Hillary's voice and demeanor, saying that she was a typical nagging woman, and what man would ever want to be married to HER? He did his best to reduce her to a common fishwife, instead of a valid and formidable political opponent to the Republican party.

What message did Glenn send that day? Even if it was not intentional, it became a sexist comment. In his attempt to belittle Hillary, Glenn reduced her to the female entity that men fear and loathe the most. Is it really necessary to stereotype Hillary in order to water down her message?

I most likely will not vote for Hillary. She sent the wrong message when her husband was President: If your husband treats you poorly, shut up and be the "Good Little Woman". Whether her choice was due to political aspirations or timidity, she showed the world what it was to lack self-pride.

But Hillary deserves to be heard for her message, just as any man deserves to be heard. I don't know if Glenn's wife smacked him upside the head when he got home last night. Since he claims she's blissfully ignorant of politics, perhaps that's the way he believes ALL wives should be. But if Glenn and the other pundits aren't careful, they will not only alienate women on the left; they will alienate those of us leaning to the right, as well.


Hans said...

It’s easy to pigeonhole public people into oversimplified caricatures, whether it is a nagging female candidate or an unintelligent President. Not particularly accurate but palatable for mass consumption. Unfortunately we can only blame ourselves for this behavior.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Follow me here

Bill O'Reilly = asshole
Glen Beck = Bill O'Reilly

Therefore we can conclude that Glen Beck = asshole.

In fact - EVERYONE involved with the whole hysterical foaming at the mouth right wing talk radio industry = asshole.

The right has done a very good job at pushing away EVERYONE except those most rabid, mouth breathing, intolerant core supporters. And yet for some reason they keep winning elections because some people simply do not realize they have been pushed away.

I have heard rabid formerly fat but who lost a lot of weight by abusing drugs radio hosts say flat out that moderates are "wishy washy" and have to listen to "polls" to decide where to stand on issues.

Well no crap! Is it really that bad for an elected goon to ask the people who they represent what they think BEFORE voting?

So moderates = bad to these people. Moderates are like the wind, fickle and unpredictable. Their direction can change from one day to the next. Of course this is not 100% true but since when has things like "fact" mattered?

But people keep buying the crap. Liberals are "Godless" and want to kill all babies and whatnot. Moderates are bad leaders because they do not stick to what they decider to the bitter end. ONLY Republicans have leadership qualities that this nation needs.

Sound like every single right wing talk show out there? Of course it does.

As Hitler's propaganda minister once said "Tell a lie enough times to enough people and it becomes the truth". Or at least he said something close to that. It seems that the neo-cons have just taken up that line of thinking.

PS - Hillary has very little chance of winning. The right has made her name a bad word in the South. They have been working on attacking her since 1992. They call her a "carpetbagger" because she ran for the Senate in New York.

But a "carpetbagger" is someone from the NORTH who goes to the SOUTH and pretends to be a good ole boy while robbing the place blind. Like someone born in NEW ENGLAND but who moves to TEXAS to run for office. Bush.

Of course, since when have facts mattered at all? Just make crap up, tell it to enough people and say it enough times, and it becomes truth.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Hillary either...her behavior while in the White House set women back a few years... AND NOW so has Mr. Glen Beck's stupid comment. I feel as though I am back in the dark ages.

-Phyllis Rhault

Hans said...

The purpose of talk radio (or nearly all media for that matter) is not necessarily to inform but to sell advertising to the largest possible audience. Any education that the consumer receives from it is completely ancillary.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Hans - if this is the case, why are so many shows narrowcasting?

Hans said...

Developing the emotional response is what draws people in. I'm sure that the majority of O'Reillys audience are already "the converted" but I would be willing to bet a significant percentage are watching because they hate him and watching validates that emotion. Love him or hate him people are watching and the cash register is ringing.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I am not watching. His image burns my retinas like Holy Water is supposed to burn demons.

But I did notice how Fox was extra super heavy into the Anna-Nicole Smith fiasco. Gavel to gavel coverage of the court battle and everything!

Beats having to air the Scooter Libby trial. Or talk about the deplorable conditions of the Walter Reed Hospital Outpatient center - and the inaction of a certain President to do anything about it until the media published the photos. And other things that Fox would rather not talk about.

It is the "LOOK! It's Elvis!" scam all over again.

hans said...

Lazy Iguana-

The fact that you are aware of Fox News coverage of Anna-Nicole proves my point. You must be watching.

If you're interested in Scooter Libby or Walter Reed or whatever there are a outlets where you can find that information.

The tail doesn't wag the dog and we get the news that we deserve.

Kathleen said...

Hillary? Hell no! Beck is an ass for his remarks about women. I am with you on this. And, wholeheartedly agree that the Republicans should remember that their party relies on women to win elections.

Can you believe women had to win the right to vote? Again, asshole!

Kathleen said...

P.S. I forgot to say I heard the show, too. Beck is a butt!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Hans - I do not watch Fox. But it is in the way when I channel surf, so sometimes I have it on for a brief period of time. Less than 5 seconds.

And more often it is on some TV when I go somewhere. Being too lazy to demand the bar remote control so that I can turn off the TV I just ignore it and concentrate on something else.

Also there are spy reports. I get a lot of spy reports.

So one way or another I find out what the evil network is saying without actually watching it myself. I do not tune in to "get mad" or anything else - I would rather watch some crap on Spike TV or even Cartoon Network.

And Kathleen - just out of curiosity, why "hell no"? Is it her policy decisions while a US Senator or her personal life that is so objectionable?

Miss Cellania said...

Its sad but true that Hillary and any woman running for office has to put up with such sexist treatment. Too much focus on her looks... which wouldn't happen if she were a male politician. Her ambition and agression would be considered standard in a male politician. I am a Hillary fan, but this is a problem for all women trying to break into the old boy's club.